Trump’s Truth Social gets Google Play Store approval

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Credit: The Verge

Truth Social, a Twitter-like social media app owned by former US President Donald Trump has been approved to be on the Play Store. According to Axios, users can now install the app on the phone from the Play Store as soon as it is available.

This is one approval highly coveted by the developers as it means millions of US users will now be able to install the app on their Android phones. The Play Store for many in the US, remains the primary way to install apps on the phones.

It has been a long way coming—Truth Social like many other Android apps, require some form of compliance to certain rules as stipulated by Google. According to Axios, Truth Social did not meet up to requirements when it first applied for approval.

Apparently, this explains why it took long for the approval. It is however, believed that the Google approval is a confirmation that all requirement have now been met.

The last time I checked for the app on the Play Store, it was not yet available. However, this could change any moment since all hurdles have been removed by Google.

Truth Social was launched last February, and while the app was made available to iOS users, the same was not the case for Android users.

Truth Social offers identical features as Twitter, including ability to follow other people and trending topics. The app’s message equivalent of a tweet will be called “truth.”

Trump who was suspended by Twitter at the twilight of his administration, wants to use his new social network as a platform to air his views, which may not be possible on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

There were speculations that the former president was planning his own TV network to lure viewers from Fox News. Apparently, it was an attempt at getting back at the station for being the first to call the crucial state of Arizona for Joe Biden during the last US election.

The former US number 1 man was not pleased with this and therefore sees this as an opportunity to get even with the TV station. That move appears to have been put on hold for now as Trump is said to be more favorably disposed to launching his own social media platform.

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