Tragic Daughter Suicide – Grieving Mother Explains The Dangers Of Social Media

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In recent news, a mother that lost her teenage daughter to suicide has now come forward to spread the word about social media being a dangerous thing. We all know that teenagers can get into trouble in relationships. Their hormones are surging, they’re blinded by their feelings, and sometimes they make the wrong decisions. In the case of Lily Cleal, her social media accounts gave her an improper outlet to communicate through text, when she should have been face to face with her family, explaining what happened with her boyfriend to make her feel so upset.

Instead of face to face time with family members, Lily Cleal was on a roller  coaster of hurt feelings after seeing her boyfriend with another woman. From there, she called her friends and expressed that she was upset, and a few hours later she had taken her own life.

It’s times like these when social media, the Internet, and texting can lead to major problems. Teenagers need family support to make the right decisions, and the easy access to Internet communications that are dull and lifeless when compared to real life interaction, can still keep someones interest, adding to  the  danger levels of  an already traumatic situation.

The Internet, after all, is still a military technology at its core, and it’s become a powerful medium for nearly everything financial and informational. However, when it comes to healthy physical relationships, the Internet can be more of a detriment than a benefit. Its ability to hold someones interest and take away from the physical relationships we hold so dear is horrible.

In the case of Lily Cleal, her social media accounts were accessed just before she committed her act of suicide. While it’s true she was having problems with her boyfriend, the fact that she was more connected with the Internet and tweeting than with her own mother should serve as a lesson to us all to keep family close to our heart.

During a relationship crisis, the only outlet for communication available should be a healthy human one and definitely not the Internet. Lily Cleal seemed to have used the Internet to avoid dealing with the severity of her relationship problems, and in this way, social media turned out to be quite a dangerous way to keep her attention instead of dealing with the issue head on with the help of her family. If she would have had family support right when she needed it, the suicide itself may have been avoided entirely.

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Author: Aaron Elliott

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