Toyota Touts Recently-Unveiled Fun-Vii Concept Car as ‘Smartphone on Four Wheels’

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Toyota is touting that its recently-unveiled Fun-Vii concept car is a “smartphone on four wheels”.

The comment came from Toyota boss Akio Toyoda who made the comment at the unveiling of the Fun-Vii before the Tokyo Motor Show commenced in Japan.

Toyoda, who is currently Toyota’s president and grandson of the founder of the Japanese car giant, said that the company “thought it would be fun to put a smartphone on four wheels”.

“This idea lead to the birth of Fun-Vii,” he said.

And the Fun-Vii is really like a smartphone with wheels. One noticeable feature of the Toyota concept car is that it has screens all over the body of the car.

Toyota has unveiled the Fun-Vii which it claims is a smartphone on four wheels. Image: Toyota

The Fun-Vii has displays all over: from its outside doors, to its insides which includes the inside door panel, floor and whole dashboard.

The Fun-Vii, which sounds and looks like a car straight from the future, features other technologies like car management for crash avoidance and networking with other cars which are driving near the car.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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