Top Website Builders To Build Your Own Site In 2017

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Building your own site without writing any code is now easier. In this post, you will find the best website builders to develop your site or revamp it.

Once you know what you want for a website, you can now get started building your own. All you need is a website builder. Unfortunately, there is a multitude of them online. So, which ones to choose?

The first thing to consider is to look for a website builder that lets you create a site using HTML 5. It’s the latest version of HTML.

Then, find a tool that simplifies the web design process. It must be a medium that creates a great site without having to know a lot of coding.

After scouring the net, here are our top picks, but they are in no particular order.

1. Wix

Wix - Top Website Builders To Build Your Own Site In 2017

Wix – Top Website Builders To Build Your Own Site In 2017

This tool is a drag and drop builder. It lets you insert content, like images, slideshows, and text, anywhere on your web pages. This builder has all the tools that you need for your web store requirements. It offers professionally designed and responsive themes that are tailor-made for your needs.

It is suited for your eCommerce ventures. The builder also provides powerful features, like taxation, inventory management, and shipping costs calculation, that are enough to help you sell immediately.

You can also include your social media accounts in here to boost your marketing and content promotion strategies. Plus, it has integrated payment solutions to maximize your online selling efforts.

Another attractive feature of Wix is its smart SEO tools. They can help you attract more organic customers. Plus, it has marketing features, like newsletters and coupons management, that can help you maximize your existing clients. Because the templates are mobile compatible, your shoppers can quickly move from one device to another.

To know more about its features, you can sign up for its free plan. If you are satisfied with it, you can jump to its eCommerce plan and savor all its features and benefits, like Google Analytics. You will also get credits for Adwords and vouchers for Facebook Ads.

If you need help in creating your website with Wix, please read “How to Create Your Website with Wix.”

2. Shopify

Shopify - Top Website Builders To Build Your Own Site In 2017

Shopify – Top Website Builders To Build Your Own Site In 2017

Shopify is also a good platform if you are building an online store. It powers more than 300,000 online shops. It has pricing plans and features that can easily work for you, regardless of the size of your business.

It offers more than 100 templates that can make your site look stylish. Plus, it provides 24/7 customer support.

Furthermore, it has an App Store that you can use to buy additional tools for your online store. These tools are especially useful if your business is growing and expanding.

Although some apps are paid, they are well worth it considering how they can help you automate your online operations, like shipping, inventory management, etc.

In its core platform, it already includes the necessary tools. But you can always choose to provide your site with some flexibility over the long term using those additional apps.

3. SquareSpace

SquareSpace - Top Website Builders To Build Your Own Site In 2017

SquareSpace – Top Website Builders To Build Your Own Site In 2017

This HTML website builder is a popular tool that allows you create a beautiful website in minutes. It offers a broad range of site designs for various occasions and industries. Just like the themes of Wix and Shopify, SquareSpace’s themes are compatible with mobile devices. They also contain high-resolution images that can add color to your site.

In the world of website builders, Shopify and Wix are powerhouses. However, if you do not need plenty of tools and features as you are only running a simple internet site, then it is an ideal builder for you.

Even though it is not a dedicated eCommerce builder, it still offers a decent set of tools that you can set up for your online store so that you can start selling physical or digital products over the Internet. It has all the essential tools that you need to help you get started, such as product variants, coupons, shipping costs, sales taxes, email lists, and several others.

If you want your site that looks good without the bells and whistles, then Squarespace is your bet as it is known to offer polished and professionally designed templates.

4. BigCommerce

BigCommerce - Top Website Builders To Build Your Own Site In 2017

BigCommerce – Top Website Builders To Build Your Own Site In 2017

It provides a set of great tools that can assist you in creating beautiful eCommerce websites with its responsive templates and plenty of customization options. BigCommerce also offers a storefront editor that lets you change your site’s look without doing any coding. However, if you want to customize the template further, you can modify its HTML and other code libraries.

This eCommerce website builder is designed to assist you in selling more. It does not only help you set up a website, but it will also help you choose your domain name, set up a secure shopping cart, upload your catalog, secure a payment option, etc. Plus, it has an excellent set of SEO tools that can improve your site’s search engine rankings. That said, you will need to spend less on paid traffic.

Furthermore, this website builder has built-in marketing options, like social media integration, newsletters, etc. You can also customize its HTML and CSS if you wish. Plus, it lets you make your site appear on eBay, Facebook, and other selling platforms. To make your site run easier, you can use its apps. Its eCommerce package includes smartSEO features, discount and gifts management and several others.

5. Silex

Silex - Top Website Builders To Build Your Own Site In 2017

Silex – Top Website Builders To Build Your Own Site In 2017

It is a free and open source website builder. Whatever your skill level is, you can easily use it within your browser. It has a drag and drop interface that lets you put everything together. Now, if you are comfortable with JavaScript and CSS, you can adjust the code to add styles and interactivity to your web elements.

It also offers plenty of themes. Some of them are free while others are paid. Plus, it has built-in SEO tools. However, it will not host your site. Then again, it has useful tools that can help you get sorted.


It is not a straightforward task to build your own website to showcase your brand or sell products over the Internet. With the use of these website builders, you can develop your site in no time.

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