Top Ways Video Conferencing Can Save Businesses Money

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One of the best ways for businesses and employees to stay connected with each other, along with other businesses and customers, is through the use of innovative technology. This is also great news since everyone also wants to save money and does something that can help benefit the environment. That is exactly the idea behind using remote conferencing. This can end up not only helping business people to become more productive, but will also end up saving time and potentially a lot of money, according to the University of Berkeley in California. Here are some of the ways remote conferencing can help.

Increases Productivity:

Most of the better video conferencing systems now have the ability to help users share and edit all kinds of documents and files. Imagine being on a conference call with your partner company who is physically located halfway around the world and then make changes in the project documents on the fly? All of this can happen in real-time, according to Lunar Pages.

tThis type of technological advancement will allow for some amazing benefits. Decisions will now be able to be made even faster. This will also lead to new products being brought to market faster and your sales cycle will be reduced. Operational efficiency will improve and your business will end up staying ahead of competitors, especially if they are not using this conferencing technology.

Huge Reduction in Carbon Footprint:

Another interesting thing about the benefits of the type of conferencing is the potential to reduce your carbon footprint. Businesses have recently received an estimate of being able to cut their total carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 5.5 million metric tons and also achieve total financial benefits of almost $19 billion by the year 2020, according to the Tree Hugger website.

As an example, it has been estimated that a business with $1 billion or more in annual revenue could implement four telepresence or conferencing rooms. This would lead them to achieve a financial return on their investment in as little as 15 months. This would also save approximately 900 business trips during the first year of use and reduce their emissions by 2,271 metric tons over five years.

Allows for Greater Teamwork:

Using something like video conferencing can certainly also help to increase the teamwork among different offices, locations, branches, and even among different businesses entirely, according to SK Reporting. This could be a great way for different groups to interact virtually, even sharing documents, reports, etc.. Team members can brainstorm with each other and talk together to go over ideas and even just simply get to know one another better. All of the back and forth emails and the time wasted from trying to find simple clarity will also be eliminated, further contributing to office and overall business productivity. There will also no longer be the need to wait for everyone’s schedule to coincide.

Reduces Business Travel Expenses:

This idea has already been hinted at above. A business employing a conferencing system will no longer have the need to continually send their employees all over the country or even around the globe. A simple virtual link-up will allow your business to be able to reach any other business (as long as they also have a virtual link-up) around the globe. The wonderful thing is that these meetings can seem almost life like as well. There is no longer a need to spend money on airfare, lodging, or meals.


This is also an amazing time saver. Imagine just how much more work your employees will be able to accomplish when business travel is eliminated almost completely from their schedules? There will be no more wasted time going to the airport, waiting for connections, dealing with security and other hassles of travel. Not to mention the time it takes to return from the trip, come back to the office, and then possibly dealing with jet lag.

Improves and Maintains Business Relationships:

Since virtual conferencing are very close to ‘real’ meetings, you will be able to actually see the participants. This means you can see their facial expressions and body language. This helps all of your meetings held in this fashion to also seem much more personal. Better still, most of these solutions even allow for the meetings to be recorded, so you and a team of specialists could look at them again later. Heck, they could even be used as training tools for future (or current) employees.

Bottom Line:

Using a conferencing solution is one of the best things you can do for your business. Not only does it allow you to have a global presence, it is also great for your employees. This will end up saving your company time and money in so many ways, even virtually eliminating the need for almost all of your current business travel schedule.

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Author: Aaron Elliott

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