Top 6 Challenges Faced by Email Marketers

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Top 6 Challenges Faced by Email Marketers

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If I were to ask you, what is your goal as an email marketer, what would you answer? Is it to get more open rates? Do you want to reach out to more people and get them to engage with your business? It may be one at a time or, in some cases you want to achieve all these goals.

Despite the fact that 73% of the millennial prefer businesses to communicate with them via emails, the email marketers fail to achieve their goals.

According to Campaign Monitor, close to 50% of the U.S. respondents check their personal emails at least 10 times in a day., the email open rates received by the email marketer is less than the metrics they aim to achieve.

Why does this gap exist? How can marketers aim to close these gaps? To answer these questions, I will take you through the email marketing challenges that most businesses face, and how they can aim to overcome it.

Metrics are Implemented Incorrectly

To track the success of any email marketing campaign, marketers need to define the metrics and goals. If they are implemented correctly, it can help the marketers gain insights into the campaign’s progress and make informed decisions.

While finding the right tools to define the metrics is quite easy, it is the process of identifying the metrics and implementing them for the particular campaign that seems daunting. Not every campaign requires the same type of metrics.

For every campaign, it is important you identify the factors that you aim to analyze, and the metrics that will help you achieve the goal.

To identify the metrics, you might want to ask yourself some questions about the campaign in general.

  • Are you looking for common metrics such as the open rates, CTRs etc.?
  • Do you want to get some actionable insights into the campaign such as the number of inactive subscribers, deliverability details, and others? This will also let you know how effective emails are for your business.
  • Finally, there are metrics that help you check the engagement rates for your email and identify the value your email provided to the readers.

Getting More Subscribers & Open Rates

The constant pressure on email marketers is to increase the number of subscribers on their list. If they already have a long list of subscribers, the next level of challenge that these marketers face is to get the desired open rates.

Apart from defining the right metrics, the marketers need to work on the strategy front to keep up with the subscription rate demands posed by the business.

So, how can you add more people to the list?

  • Be where your potential customers are present. For instance, you have greater chances of getting more subscribers through social media. The other way is to get the subscribers to your website, and then get them to sign up for your newsletters and emails through opt-in forms.
  • If you want them to sign up for your emails, you need to offer them something in return. It could be a discount voucher or an ebook that they can connect with. The idea is to offer a value proposition that will help the subscribers in some way.

In order to increase the open rates, which is one of the many challenges facing the email marketers, you should make sure of the following things.

  • Work on an eye grabbing subject line. It is the subject line that makes the subscriber open the email.
  • The content should be relevant, and the subject line should reveal what the users can expect from the email.

Issues with Email Personalization

Personalized email messages enhance click-through rates by 14% and conversions by 10%. However, most marketers face challenges when personalizing the emails. They are unable to gauge the level of personalization they ought to offer, and how to connect with the audience with the messages they are planning. Here is a thing or two you can learn from Lyft’s email about personalization. They have sent out a nice email that talks about the subscriber’s experience in the past year.

Here are a few ways in which you can get over the personalization mistakes you have been making:

  • Understand your target audience and gauge their needs. For this purpose, you need to segment your list. Not every subscriber is at the same buying stage, and you will need to segment the list accordingly.
  • The demographics, location, buying history etc. should help you segment your list.
  • Ask yourself what buying stage does the audience fit into? For instance, some of your leads may be new to your subscription list. Sending them emails that educate them about the products and help them compare the products will not make sense. You need to educate them about the brand itself.
  • Work on personalizing the email using first name, a relevant subject line, a reply-to address and content that is customized to suit their purpose.
  • The idea is to use personalization techniques that make sense to your business and increase your business’ open rates.

Limitations Owing to ESPs

At present, there are close to 200 ESPs that you can choose from. Each ESP is different from another with respect to their focus niche and their functionality. Some ESPs are good with triggered emails while the others work for a particular industry.

The success of the email marketing campaign is dependent on the performance of the ESPs. There are a few things you will need to take care of, when you are drafting the email, so that they can successfully pass through all the ESPs without any issue.

  • You will need to optimize the email using standard elements to be compatible with every ESP.
  • There are a few words that are considered spam by the different ESPs. If you use these words, then your email will not reach the subscriber. Instead of such spam words, include words that are standardized and won’t get flagged by the ESP.
  • Do include an unsubscribe link in the email, so that the users have the flexibility to remove themselves from your list.

In case your own ESP is proving to be a limitation in allowing you to send an email owing to numerous factors, you may want to change the ESP. Consider the following aspects when you plan to change your ESP.

  • You will invest a lot of time, efforts, as well as money in switching the ESPs. You should ensure that it is worth the cost. While migrating to a new ESP, you should ensure that all the existing campaigns and lists have been migrated properly so that you don’t lose out on any opportunity.
  • In case there is a functionality that is missing, and it can be replaced by upgrading the current ESP, then you don’t have to migrate to a new one. Check the need before opting for a new ESP.

Emails are Not Getting Delivered

As an email marketer, another major challenge that you tend to face is missing out on revenue opportunity because the email did not get delivered to the said address.

Do you believe that your email list contains invalid addresses? Are there dormant subscribers on the list?

  • Know the data that you have, and check if the list is valid using certain online and offline tools. If you believe that some of the data is invalid, remove them from the list.
  • It is time to check on the dormant subscribers and remove them from the list as well. Use an email sunsetting strategy so that you have a quality list without any disengaged subscribers.

Email scheduling is a challenge

When to send an email? How many emails are too many? These questions tell you a lot about the agony an email marketer goes through when planning an email campaign.

There are two ways to get your email scheduling right: automate your email campaigns and test the campaigns before sending them.

  • You won’t need to write the emails on your own every single time and mail them. Automation will ensure that as soon as a particular behaviour has been triggered, the emails are sent to the customer. For instance, the welcome emails will be sent as soon as the subscriber is added to your list.
  • You need to decide the right frequency for your marketing emails. The best way to attain this is by conducting an A/B testing of the emails.

Wrap up

If you are facing challenges related to keeping the audience engaged or retaining them, you should practice all the above-mentioned tactics. You need to work on email campaigns taking a 360-degree approach into account, as omnichannel marketing is the need of the hour. For this, you should integrate your email marketing campaign with other brand channels such as mobile app, their offline and online store as well as their social media channels for effective conversions.

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