Top 5 YouTube tips to build your channel audience

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YouTube has shared tips in a new video on how to build your channel audience and have sustainable performance.

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Rachel Alves, Product Manager for Recommendations at YouTube, was part of the company’s performance analysis team. And she examined thousands of channels to find key trends in building channels and share them to the public.

1. Build your YouTube channel with the audience in mind

Alves says you must study the channel audience you want to reach. Focus on what they want to see now and in the future. This will keep you posts relevant and increase returnees.

“Think about who’s watching your channel, what they’re interested in, and how those interests are likely to change over the course of 6 months, to a year, to two years, if you’re in this for the long term,” says Alves.

Tapping on short-term trends may work for good stats, but it is not sustainable. So, build around people and their interests, and fine-tune as their interests evolve.

Alves says you must do two things to grow: attract new viewers and keep them returning for more.

2. Find your niche or industry

Video content has changed our digital lives. To stand out, you must create content that bests other existing content, or with a unique view.

“For example, let’s say that I wanted to start a cooking channel. I could go with a) a niche market or b) find a gap in the market. An example of a niche market might be instead of making regular recipe videos, I go after a specific type of recipe, so maybe all of my recipes are salad recipes. A gap in the market could be something that, let’s say, I’ve identified that there’s not a lot of videos out there for budget-conscious students, so maybe my entire channel is dedicated to recipes under $10,” says Alves.

3. Study the videos in your niche

Alves says you must conduct market research and competitor analysis. This will help build an effective YouTube channel for your business.

Creators should watch videos targeted on their niche to get inspiration. Then, they can update their presentations on engagement trends in that field.

4. Establish your branding

Alves says your channel will stick out when your videos appear to viewers in recommendations.

“Really think about what fonts, colors and styles best represent your brand, and then make sure that lows through your channel icons, your channel art, even your channel description, and of course, your channel trailer,” she adds.

5. Be Consistent

Alves asks you to be present for your viewers when they look for you. She says you must post constantly, as scheduled, to be a part of their routine.

Creators must keep their promise in their clips, especially when building and establishing their channel.

Channels must also change their approach, as trends evolve. By aligning with a key focus, you tend to attract audiences interested in a particular topic. It may take time to build, but it is sustainable.

These pointers are valuable. While no one-step solution exists to maximize YouTube performance, these guidelines will push your way towards building your channel audience

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