Top 5 VPN Services offering Great Value for Money

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Top 5 VPN Services offering Great Value for Money

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Nothing is as creepy as knowing that you are being spied upon! Heck! Also, it is annoying to realize that you are locked with a restriction to access a website because you are in a particular location. The invention of VPN software became the solution to these problems. However, some VPNs offer their services but it is not enough to cover for all your browsing needs. The truth is, the best VPNs are the ones that are paid for. These ones resonate with various system upgrades happening on different website platforms. You can upgrade to get the best with a token. Here is a review of Top 5 VPN services that offer great values for money.

1. Express VPN:

ExpressVPN offers full security and browsing anonymity over 3000 servers across 94 countries. The service is fast as it unblocks sites and apps. With a 27/7 customer service, guiding and answering queries encourages users to get along with this VPN service. It allows you to browse at an unlimited bandwidth and is suitable to watch and stream videos in HD and 4K. With a 256-bit AES encryption, you have sure protection from DNS leak.  

2. NordVPN

This Panama based and registered brand is one of the leading VPNs that foster cybersecurity. With the NordVPN, there is a minimal logging policy with a 256 AES military-grade encryption, dual VPN protection, and DNS leak protection. The VPN does not store sessions, bandwidth, traffic log, and IP addresses of its users. NordVPN offers its premium users the opportunity to access, at least, 5200 servers across 62 countries, the largest number of servers so far. Prospective users and customers are offered 30 days of free trial. You also have unlimited P2P torrenting across those servers. There is no NordVPN free version, but the pay is worth the offer. 

3) CyberGhost

CyberGhost is an actively fast VPN with top-notch encryption. It is available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox. As a guest, you have a 24-hour opportunity to speak with their live assistant. You can customize your own rules and privacy for your browsing sessions. Cyberghost VPN has over 3600 servers across 62 countries. It follows a P2P/Torrenting and has dedicated servers for live streaming on classified web platforms. The VPN allows you to choose what server and location you’d like to browse from with military grade encryption.

4. Hide My Ass

The Donkey Master VPN offers military-grade encryption to its subscribers who can choose from about 280 different locations around the world. You can use your account on five devices, simultaneously. The VPN provides dedicated streaming servers for its customers and also offers unrestricted access to NetFlix and iPlayer.

5. IPVanish

This VPN literally makes you vanish from various websites that gather information and other monitoring internet peeps. You are given a superfast browsing experience with guaranteed security that cannot be tracked and logged. You can connect up to 10 devices. There are about 1200 VPN servers across more than 60 countries.

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