Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Your Business [Infographic]

It goes without saying that social media has had a big impact on the way small businesses these days conduct their marketing initiatives.

This is because a lot of people are already on social networks and a lot of them are also using these platforms on a daily basis.

However, because of the boom in social media use around the world, there are now also a lot of social networks to choose from.

What we have here today is an infographic that lists the top five social media platforms your business should use and the reasons why these five sites were chosen.

First up is Facebook.

Though there have been a few reports as of late that teens may be leaving the world’s biggest social network, Facebook is still one of the must-have social networks for any small business wanting to market their products or services via social media.

Why does Facebook still top the list? Because it has so many users as estimates in March last year say that it has 1.5 billion active users.

As the infographic notes, creating a Facebook business Page is free. You only spend the money you are willing to part with and that usually is done through buying ads.

Just make sure to update daily (though don’t overly self-promote and know when to post), like and share and respond to people.

Doing these will ensure that engagement on your page increases and more people will get to know your company and product or service.

Next on the list is Instagram, the image-focused social network Facebook bought in the past for a billion dollars.

According to this infographic, “Instagram is all about showing things in a visual ways.” We couldn’t agree more.

There is a natural tendency for people to like to be the first one to see something. This is why behind-the-scenes-type content is very powerful. Instagram provides small businesses with a way to disseminate content like this.

Another reason why businesses should choose Instagram as one of the social networks they put work into is that it is really easy to share from Instagram to other platforms. “With just a click of a button,” the infographic says, and that’s really true.

Businesses can also run contests and promos through Instagram and since content here is visual, it’s more likely to get the attention of people.

Third on the list is Twitter.

Why should small businesses use avian-related social network? Because it has a lot of users and a few other reasons.

According to this, since February 2013, there are 200 million active users. There may have been news recently about Twitter’s disappointing results for the previous months but one thing is for sure, the social network still has a lot of users who are active on a daily basis.

So how does a small business take advantage of the tools Twitter provides?

One is to follow people from the same industry as a way to see trends. Look at successful accounts in your field and learn what’s effective in engaging your target audience. After this, make it a habit to tweet, ensuring you answer people. Retweet interesting things and don’t forget to use hashtags.

Fourth on the list is LinkedIn.

This social network is the primary social network for the people who do business with you, as the infographic notes.

Given it is a more formal, for-the-business-world social network, you would have to always keep in mind that if a person who does business with you searches for you on social media, he’d likely stumble upon your LinkedIn profile first.

This is why it is important to always be professional in terms of what your company posts here. Usually, this means that no NSFW content should be posted by a company on its LinkedIn page.

What can companies post here then? Post insightful blog posts. Link to content you would think your audience on LinkedIn find to be interesting or informative.

Another great use of LinkedIn is to connect with the people who would do a difference to your business. These may be influencers in the business world – the people who sometime in the future will be valuable to your business.

There are a lot of them out there as there are 238 million LinkedIn users, the infographic notes.

Go out and network, as this is, after all, a social network.

Last but not least is Pinterest.

As we’ve said in our definitive Guide to Pinterest For Business, Pinterest can be great for your small business given that you know what you are doing with it.

This social network is one of the fastest growing out there, the infographic notes. Part of why it has become so popular is because like Instagram, Pinterest is image-centric. People really like looking at things.

Pinterest, this says, has 70 million users and these users are engaged. Just look at some of the articles we have below.

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For example, Pinterest users spend more time on average on this social network than users of Facebook or other social networks do in those social networks.

Pinterest, according to some case studies, have also greatly boosted online sales for businesses which have succeeded in marketing using this social network.

So what do you do?

Head on over to that definitive guide linked to up top and make a plan for Pinterest marketing.

Otherwise, read the infographic below.

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Infographic from Gold Coast Design Studio.

Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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