Top 5 Considerations When Hiring an International Advertising Agency

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Top 5 Considerations When Hiring an International Advertising Agency

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Hiring an advertising agency is an excellent idea, but needs careful consideration. Advertising agents are a dime a dozen, and you have to do thorough research to differentiate between the good ones and the mediocre ones. The agencies come in various sizes, from small and local agencies to large international agencies.

Since there are thousands of agencies, how then do you make a choice? Here are some factors you need to consider when selecting the right one.

1. Define Your Intentions

When selecting an advertising agency, the first step is to define what you expect to gain from this partnership in clear terms. Define whether you need any help in driving execution or strategy development. Do you want to be the leading company in your field? Expanding your horizons to other geographical territories means a lot in terms of planning and costs. Whatever your goal is, you have to set clear business objectives that will guide you through the search process.

2. Do your Research

Draw a comprehensive list of potential agencies. Research via Google and enquire from non-competitive entrepreneurs in the same industry or media outlets to recommend an of repute. Once you obtain the list, narrow down the list by considering:

  • The type of agency it is: Whether it offers full-service or specializes in a specific function like PR. Check what your intentions are and the types of services you need.
  • Direct competitors: Check if your direct competitors are their clients.
  • Digital communication:  In this digital era, most businesses have no qualms about working with agencies in other countries. Check if the agency has suitable communication structures in place, and they have no issues with time differences.

3. Company Fluidity

There is heated debate about whether it is better to work with large or small agencies. The best quality to go for is never size, but the fluidity of the company. What you need is a company that can quickly adapt according to the current workload.

Can the company meet your deadlines? If faced with a massive project or several projects at once and do not have the needed capacity, how will they ensure your project is done on time? Does the company have a freelancer network they can turn to when they are overwhelmed? Ensure the company you decide to partner with can meet your demands.

4. Budget

International advertising agency fees vary from domestic agency fees. Their costs are higher and range from hourly or a flat rate per project, or both. Check if the company has a minimum increment on billing or whether they have a structure for retainers. Understand the company’s fee structure to avoid surprises when you are billed. Choose an agency with pricing that fits your budget and one that is sustainable.

5. Good rapport

The trick behind a good working relationship is to ensure there is a rapport with the company and its team. Consider their level of professionalism and their company culture. Does it fit with yours? Does the company have good customer reviews? It would help if you had an agency with a sterling reputation and good reviews from previous clients. Follow your gut as well. If you have reservations, move on to the next company. It would be best if you had a partner you are in sync with.

6. Different Branches

Considering you are branching out to a different clientele, a company with other branches across the globe is a huge plus. If not, they should at least have additional employees from various nationalities on the ground.

Advertising varies across cultures and languages, and a company that will translate your meaning to fit the different cultures and languages is an added advantage. An advert that might be culturally okay in one country might be offensive in another, so you need an agency that can balance cultures.


Hiring an international advertising agency comes after you have cemented your brand domestically. Going global is a different ball game, and you need to do your agency research properly to avoid making mistakes that might cost your brand dearly. Doing due diligence will save you a lot of trouble.

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