Top 4 tools for budding entreprenuers

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Top 4 tools for budding entreprenuers

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Entrepreneurs, especially budding entrepreneurs act like a catalyst in leveraging technology and contributing towards economic well being of the society.

Life is never easy for an enterpreneur and in this post, we are going to share some useful tools and apps that can hopefully, help save time and effort for budding entrepreneurs.

1) Accounting software

Just imagine having a current account that takes care of your invoices, tax returns, receipts; basically everything is financed. There are accounting software that are available in the market that do this job for you. One of the best accounting software that is available in the market is named Coconut. 

This tool has been designed keeping the best interest of freelancers and self-employed people in mind. Coconut is a tool to replace your accountant, if any. It manages everything related to your income. You can determine your financial status, create your invoices, manage your client details, and much more. 

2) Project management software

Neglecting organizations has never done any good for anyone. It is essential to keep your work in order if you are looking to stay productive, especially if you are a freelancer. While there are several tools to help you manage your projects and workload, one of the is Teamwork. 

This easy-to-use project management software has plenty of features and is recommended by top brands. With this tool, you can create a task list for everything you are working on. You can also add milestones, keep a check of your achieved goals and deliverables. When you have everything recorded, it also helps you customize your workflow as per your tastes, preferences, and timelines. 

3) Time tracking software 

One of the major fights that entreprenuers fight is against the time. Team management is an extremely challenging aspect of this industry. It is essential for you to understand the tasks, websites, and apps that are taking up your time and eliminate the unnecessary workload. This is where a time tracking software comes in the picture. 

The best time tracking software is Time Doctor. It helps you to track and monitor your time as well as your work progress. It is also a great tool to share with your clients. This helps in eliminating the need for continuous calls/emails on updates and also allows them to pay you for the hours you work for without any errors. 

4) File sharing software 

Sharing and storing large files, especially for entreprenuers can be a huge challenge. From internet speed to not enough storage space, there are several difficulties that can be a hindrance in smooth working conditions for them. This is where a file-sharing software comes handy for many. 

Dropbox is one such software that freelancers can consider investing in. It offers a collaborative document-editing feature, a sense of security, and it is pretty easy to use. 


There is no dearth of software in the market that makes life easy for freelancers. The freelance industry is no less of a challenge when it comes to time management, project management, or even communication. Thanks to technology, there is a digital tool that takes care of each of these problems faced by freelancers, enabling them to enjoy being their own bosses. 

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