Top 3 Predictions about Social Media Marketing

 Will social media take a few victims in its lifetime?

Will social media take a few victims in its lifetime?

The many hundreds of platforms used for socializing online have brought a lot of change in online interaction. So if there is one thing we need to know is, it is about what the future will be bringing. Here are our top 3 predictions about how social media is going to give us a few surprises.

#1 Fans Will Get Their Personal Interaction

Celebrities like J.K. Rowling have already started working on this. Personal interaction is important when it comes to fans. It gives them the feeling that they are being listened to, and this special feeling is something which is not easily forgotten.

#2 Online Interaction Will Actually Become Less

When social platforms started popping up online, people joined them in droves. Today, many people are followers, so if something is ‘in’, they will get it or do it. However, as time goes by, these large follower groups are now giving rise to smaller groups where people can be more specific about their interests. Take Tumblr as an example, which, being a social media app, has given customers a platform where they can actually discuss their interests.

#3 Visuals Galore!

Visuals are important. Your eyes won’t go the many details written in an article if the visuals are catchy enough. If a website or a page is aesthetically pleasing, the public will automatically be attracted to it. Apart from good pictures, videos will also make a splash for that extra effort so that the public is glued to the screen. If believable don’t believe us; then look at the statistics. They don’t lie!

Do you agree with these trends? Let us know in the comments section and discuss what predictions you think might come true.
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Author: Firdaus

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