Tired Of Checking Your Emails? Now Smell Them With Ophone

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Have you ever seen an image of a beautiful flower or a delicious dish, but haven’t found it attractive enough? It’s all because the image lacks the most important ingredient of the flower or the dish – the smell.

Inventors David Edwards and Rachel Field have come up with an answer to this very problem – the ‘scent message’. After seeing and reading your messages for decades, now it’s time to smell them. But how is this seemingly unimaginable task even possible? The answer lies in an ‘ophone’. An ophone consists of eight ‘ochips’, containing 32 basic aromas.

The iPhone app, osnap, lets users create a ‘scented message’, which could smell like any of the 32000 possible combinations of 32 primitive scents. When the ‘ophone’ receives an ‘onote’ tagged with a specific scent, it activates the aromas in the ‘ochips’ to release the exact scent the ‘onote’ had been tagged with. Quite amazingly, even though the ophone is at the nascent stages of development, it is technology advanced enough to dissipate several aromas in succession, if the onote is tagged with more than one aroma. These ‘onotes’ can be sent via e-mail or social networks.

The first ‘onote’ was sent from Paris to New York City via e-mail on June 17, 2014. Quite fittingly, the delicious ‘onote’ smelled of French champagne and macaroons and it was received by its inventor David Edwards. Vapor Communications, headed by Edwards himself, is the company behind the scent-message platform, which is set to become the ‘next big thing’ on the technology horizon, after the Internet and Smartphones. Although it seems to be a mouth-watering prospect, there is still some time before the ‘ophone’ becomes commercially available.

But for now though, you may have to visit the cafes of Paris, to get a glimpse of the ophones on display there. You may get a chance to receive your order of a delicious French breakfast right on your ophone.

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Author: Aaron Elliott

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