Tips to handle tough covid times using Microsoft apps

Tips to handle tough covid times using Microsoft apps

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Though the Covid 19 has turned lives upside down, being productive at home and staying cautious is the only key to survive the catastrophe. Microsoft has tried its best to ensure that the world keeps responding to Covid by generating resources and technology to help their clients work remotely.

Let’s find out how Microsoft Power Apps keep everyone occupied, safe and inventive. It is necessary to rule out a communication crisis while a new remote workforce comes into play. It’s high time to get real-time collaboration with the fantastic apps for the web. Do opt for ‘’ to chase your goals and assimilate more about the Microsoft world. Here are some beautiful tips and Microsoft Apps to outlive hard Covid times.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 helps you achieve your target goals with innovative Office apps and intelligent cloud service to balance work and life in the modern era. Known as the world’s productivity cloud, Microsoft 365 develops basic skills like editing and formatting versatile enough to be used in all Office applications. You can create perfect business-related instant Word documents with proper alignment, spacing, and styles. Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations can be designed and delivered at a professional level.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is the third known Microsoft Windows-based application designed for all sized enterprises. It is an excellent tool ready to assist a project manager. It lets the manager assign resources to tasks, track working progress, make reports, manage the schedule and budget, and analyze team workload MSP is a project planning and management software.

Microsoft OneDrive

As clear from the name, OneDrive acts like a hub for one and all. Formerly called Skydrive, OneDrive allows storage and sharing of photos, videos, docs, and synchronization of files on any free device. OneDrive is not just a personal storage service but indeed is a managed cloud storage for business users.

Microsoft Access

A robust database management system that helps users to create tables, forms, reports, and to extract meaningful data. Using VBA, advanced users can resort to advanced data manipulation and user control to develop a well-to-do solution. Microsoft also features report creation compatible with any data source that Microsoft Access can approach.

Microsoft OneNote

A commendable note-taking platform to jot down your thoughtful ideas and creativities with your digital notepad is named Microsoft OneNote. The primary purpose of OneNote is to make simple or complex notes, store helpful information and data for research. You can simply make notes on your phone and synchronize them across any of your devices. With OneNote, you can capture a moment and plan and organize future grand events by writing memos and creating a digital sketch album straight away on your phone.

Microsoft has again come up with the solution to fight the pandemic by providing access to simpler yet productive Apps that build up your workspace. No matter where you work, Microsoft apps can go a long way in making your work more productive and effective.

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