3 Tips for Small Business Marketing

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tips small business marketing

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Any business owner can look for and tap on available resources to find success

We dream to own and run their own business, especially a store or a restaurant, to turn our passion into a moneymaking endeavor.

However, you may be anxious of mismanaging the business, as opening a new business is risky and takes business savvy to succeed. Do not fret.

Your goal is to spread word about it. If you have an established business, your mission is to grow and attract more customers. This is where marketing kicks in.

New small business owners will find it overwhelming at first. Remember, your success rate is directly proportional to your effort to drive sales. You have many options to market easily and efficiently.

Show Your Edge

In any business, effective marketing means having a good grasp of your potentials and filling up a void in your industry.

Other small business owners will rise up challenge you. Hence, deliberate an outline that shows your edge from competitors. Be more informed than those who are in your industry. You can sign up to newsletters and participate in industry-wide events. Doing so, you will stay updated with the latest news and hottest trends. Better yet, you will learn to identify your competitors, check their activities and learn how they market their brand to their target audience.

You also have to identify your target customers—where they are and their key interests. Never assume that you know who they are without research.

Define the type of product or service you provide and the problem you want to address. It will help identify the unique benefit you provide for customer.

Do not think of selling to everyone. Your goal is to target only those who need your product and find the best way to reach them. Then you stick to executing your marketing strategy.

Build Your Online Presence

With a good grasp on how your business and industry works, now you can market to potential customers. Of all marketing channels, online is the least costly but most effective medium to consider.

Your website design must be consistent with your brand and friendly to your readers. Also, give them an option to subscribe to your newsletters or mailing list. It will help build a customer base that is willing to receive news, promos and updates.

Use a consistent voice when you can talk to your customers through your website, blog, social media or email. Every opportunity builds your brand.

Spark Conversations

To build relationships with your audience, you need the spread word about your business via social media. The best social channel to join in is where most of your potential customers are actively participating.

Through these online platforms, your customers will have an easier time finding and interacting with your business.

Be consistent. Schedule posts so your followers know when new content will arrive. For instance, create five different contents in advance and schedule one post per day from Monday to Friday.

You need different approaches with your content. Do not focus only on your business. You also have to talk about your industry and, most importantly, your customers.


Any small business owner can look for and tap on available resources to find success. Even without any marketing experience, you can have a good grasp of your industry, build social media presence and develop your brand’s identity.

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Author: Francis Rey

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