3 Tips to Quickly Boost ROI from Instagram Marketing

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The popularity of Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter is waning. Now, more brands are shifting their ad spend on Instagram.

When you run an Instagram marketing campaign, you must consider Stories ads, influencer marketing or newsfeed ads.

Here are three ways to quickly increase ROI from influencers or feed ads:

1. Track influencer posts that market your products.

If you work with influencers, give each one a unique link to share with their audiences. Never let them post standard links.

Unique links show how much traffic each influencer brings to you. You can also track how long visitors stayed onsite, their behaviors and if they converted.

The data gathered show you a true measure of return per influencer.

To do this, add “/src?=” at the end of a link. After the equal sign, add influencer’s username on Instagram, or any identifier you prefer. For example, “www.yourbrandnamehere.com/?src=@influencername

Google Analytics and Facebook ads can now see the traffic quality for each influencer.

2. Market your product in a new way to gain more followers.

Hundreds or thousands of people engage with your ads and posts. Yet, none of them follow your brand, even after they liked or commented on Instagram, or visited your site.

Using automation or manually engaging with them can help you convert these people into customers and followers.

Reengaging with those who engaged with your influencers or ads gives you a chance to convince them to reconsider your product or follow you.

Reengagement allows you to extract more value from each Instagram feed ad or influencer marketing you are running.

3. Optimize funnels with custom audiences.

After sharing unique links with your influencers, create custom audiences based on traffic.

Go to Facebook Ads manager and create the audience. After that, run Facebook or Instagram ads to this audience.

You can create a custom Facebook audience through each unique influencer’s traffic. You have to segment with URL containers.

If an influencer converted great, create a lookalike audience for the traffic this influencer brought in. This way you discover new audiences that will likely convert.

Rather than create audiences for each influencer, bucket custom audiences for influencer traffic according to niches to fuse large campaigns.

These tips are but a few opportunities offered by Instagram marketing. Never give free products and discounts and claim you have mastered influencer marketing. General ads have to segment each stage of the funnel. Always track everything, optimize and extract full value on every change you get.

Strategies like these help boost ROI quickly from Instagram marketing.


Author: Francis Rey

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