6 Tips to Improve Instagram Marketing

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improve instagram marketing

Image by Perzonseo Webbyra / CC BY 2.0

A recent PEW study shows that 55 percent of Americans are Instagram users. With the rapid growth not stopping anytime soon, more people will start using it in the near future.

Here are six Instagram marketing tips you can use to reach your target audience.

1. Use an Instagram analytics tool

Many Instagram tools are available free or for a small fee that provide useful insights for your business. The right tool has to monitor your posts’ reach, engagement and click-through rate.

Instagram marketing needs regular production of unique content. Thus, choose a tool with the capability to schedule posts in advance, especially after business hours. It also has to identify the best times to post or share content to optimize reach on the channel.

Finally, you want a tool that searches and tracks trends, specific keywords and hashtags. It will you’re your team connect with followers or prospects and build a strong business relationship through common interests.

2. Tap on user-generated content

Some customers will share their experience with your brand, product or service. You cannot avoid it, so you had better embrace it. With their permission, you can reuse user-generated content to gain the trust and confidence of prospects in your brand.

Some successful brands have been using their customers’ content to build narratives.

3. Share live events

To enhance your Instagram marketing campaign, promote your brand and channel through a live stream that shows your company’s culture and holistic development.

Sharing live events to your viewers’ screens will bring them closer to your brand, expanding the reach of your content on Instagram.

4. Cross-promote your Instagram account to other social channels

To take things further, cross-promote your Instagram account to your other channels. An innovative Instagram marketing team will want to bring followers to your brand’s other social media pages, official website or blog.

 This action drives brand awareness of your Instagram channel, effectively positioning you as a thought leader in social media marketing.

5. Consider influencer marketing

Most businesses that use influencer marketing trust in its effectiveness. While brands continue to find ways to measure its impact, influencers provide a significant lift in social media campaigns.

6. Share videos

Most people nowadays watch at least one video online daily, and video content captures audience attention longer than photos. This explains the rapid shift in sharing moving images instead of still impressions.


To improve your Instagram marketing, you have to try a few or a mix of all these tips above. Ensure that you have an effective Instagram analytics tool in place. It will show which content resonates well with your followers, including their interests online. You also need a tool that can schedule your Instagram posts in advance, especially when you are away from your computer or mobile device.

As a marketer, you need to find content that suits well with the brand’s target audience. It may be user-generated content, video or an influencer’s post. Finally, remember to stream live events to your viewers to build a stronger bond with them.

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Author: Francis Rey

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