9 Tips for a Higher Landing Page Conversion Rate

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landing page conversion rate

Image by Paul Harvey (CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0)

The best, well-refined landing pages have the highest conversion rates. These two are directly proportional with each other.

In brief, landing pages convert. That has been its purpose from the start and will remain that way until the end.

You may have aligned your business with a set of realistic goals, including social media marketing strategies. Yet, it can do more with fully optimized landing pages.

Your goal is to optimize each webpage to increase conversion rate, but landing pages need more time and effort.

Here are nine tips to improve your landing page conversion:

1. Focus on the headline

We read from top to bottom, left to right. The first thing your visitors will notice is your headline and meta description.

You can make up for middling content through a knockout headline, and vice versa. If you want visitors to read the page’s content, you need a strong proposition on top. An overwhelming pull that will draw more readers without using clickbait.

2. Reinforce your first and last sentences

All sentences matter, but the first and last sentences are special. These two lure the readers in, pushes them forward and closes the door behind them. Keep these sentences concise, inducing and on point.

3. Check the mobile experience

Some people prefer to use their smartphones, tablets and laptops to check on the internet on the go.

If your landing pages use multimedia content or effects, make sure the mobile experience is seamless. Otherwise, dump it.

Almost always, the best landing pages are the simplest.

4. Clean up your page

Unnecessary popups, sidebars and flyovers can go. Anything that is clutter and distracts visitors reduces their page retention time.

Stick to your goal and avoid content that derails you from it.

5. Choose compelling images

Some of us sometimes use stock photos (hands raised) over amazing images that leave a better impression to visitors.

In reality, people only skim webpages. The first thing that catches their attention is a striking visual. If the image stands out, they will stick around.

6. Make irresistible offers

Throw a bone. Free eBooks, how-to guides, cheat sheets – these are irresistible offers on a landing page if the content is worthwhile. Avoid posting offers with lackluster content. Visitors will turn around the moment they find out. It will also harm your conversion rate.

7. Add testimonials

We care about the opinion of other people. An unedited but honest testimonial will strike the emotions of readers more than carefully concocted words or photos ever will.

Keep it real.

8. Add your contact info

Most of your landing page visitors are aloof because they don’t trust that easily. You have to prove that your business is legit by adding your phone number or email address to gain credibility. The more credible or trustworthy you are, the higher your conversion rate.

9. Use time-based calls to action

Your response rate for calls to action (CTA) will increase once you start using time-based words such as today or now. Tell your readers to commit right away so they can start reaping rewards sooner.


Never settle. If your landing page conversion rate has improved considerably, don’t stop there. You have to continually refine your pages. Each percent of increase in conversion rate is equivalent to a significant jump in revenue.

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Author: Francis Rey

Francis is a voracious reader and prolific writer. He has been writing about social media and technology for more than 10 years. During off hours, he relishes moments with his wife and daughter.

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