Tinder Will Soon Start to Offer ID Verification

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This will help verify that the profile is authentic or not. 


Tinder ID verification has been around since 2019. However, it was first rolled out in Japan. But with the recent announcement, Tinder is making it available to all members around the world. 

The feature will be voluntary at first. However, if you live in a place where ID verification is necessary, you need to verify your profile by submitting the necessary documents. 

According to Tinder

“We know one of the most valuable things Tinder can do to make members feel safe is to give them more confidence that their matches are authentic and more control over who they interact with. And we hope all our members worldwide will see the benefits of interacting with people who have gone through our ID verification process. We look forward to a day when as many people as possible are verified on Tinder.”  

Is This Feature Free? 

It’s free for all users. In addition to submitting proper documents, Tinder will also use the ID to cross-reference data in areas where these details can be accessed. 

Tinder has already been cross-referencing data when users register for a subscription. One of the requirements is that “you have never been convicted of or pled no contest to a felony, a sex crime, or any crime involving violence, and that you are not required to register as a sex offender with any state, federal or local sex offender registry.”

When your profile is verified, you get a blue badge similar to Twitter’s blue check. This will tell other users that your profile has been confirmed. 

Although this feature is beneficial, it’s still a voluntary thing. It means that users have the option whether to verify their identity or not. 

Tinder hopes that its members around the world will see this additional safety feature as a benefit when they interact with people who have verified their identity. 

Online dating can be scary. You don’t know who is on the other end. 

That person can be a sex offender or a member of a criminal group. With the ID verification process, you will know that the person is real and has a government-issued ID. 

However, Tinder isn’t the only one offering ID verification. Other online dating apps have already done so. Bumble, Looks, and Wild require their users to submit their IDs before they could sign up. 

The ID verification may also help in cutting down on scammers. During the pandemic, Tinder has received various complaints about scammers. 

In the last two years, Tinder has already executed several security features to ensure that its platform is a safe place for people who are looking for a date. 

In fact, it has implemented a panic button last year. The button will connect users to emergency services if they feel that they are not safe with the person whom they agreed to meet outside of the app. 

This new feature comes months after the company announced that users could run background checks. However, this feature isn’t available yet to all users.

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