Tinder to Remove Social Media Handles from Bios

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Tinder Users Can’t Hype Their TikTok or Instagram Handles 

Many Tinder users are using the dating app to promote their social media profiles. But they are now discouraged after the app updated its community guidelines. 

Tinder wants to keep its platform safe and respectful. So, it decides to remove social handles from bios. It also discourages users from publishing their private conversations with their matches on other platforms. 

The reason it is removing social media handles from the bios of its users is to dissuade them to use the platform to gain followers on their social channels. Despite the fact that you can’t display your social handles, you can still share your Instagram profiles with matches. Thanks to Tinder’s Instagram integration. 

Tinder is Not for Business Use

This dating platform has not let its users promote their business on the app. Now, it is featuring a firmer policy that makes it clear that the dating app is not for business use but to make personal connections. 

“Tinder is not a place to promote businesses to try making money. Members shouldn’t advertise, promote, or share social handles or links to gain followers, sell things, fundraise, or campaign. To help combat this, Tinder will remove social handles from public bios.” – Tinder

Sharing Private Tinder Chats 

The latest guidelines also prohibit users to share private chats on other platforms, unless they asked permission from the people they chat with. 

Tinder chats typically go viral on TikTok or Twitter. The reason for this is that users love to share their interactions with others using the dating app. But the dating app believes that these conversations are designed to be private and must stay on Tinder. 

The dating app also made it clear that a Tinder account is only for one person. Now, if you are in an open relationship, you must have one account for every partner. 

It also notes that users must use its Relationship Types profile to determine if they are looking for open relationships or non-monogamy. 

Tinder also prohibits users to create fake personas. It is reminding users to respect other users’ boundaries. The company wants its users to use its in-app features to ensure that people know about their goals and relationship types. 

This dating app has gained massive popularity in recent years because of several reasons. For one, its interface is simple and easy to use. It is accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. 

With over 50 million active users worldwide, it has a large pool of potential matches. Because of that, it makes it more likely for you to find a match. Furthermore, you can find matches in your area. Thanks to the geolocation feature. It adds a level of convenience and practicality to the app. 

It is possible to find real love on this dating app. But you must remember that it is designed primarily for casual dating and hookups. Then again, there are people who met their partners on this app and went on to have successful long-term relationships. It really depends on your efforts. 

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