TikTok’s ability to create 3-minute-long video rolls out to all users

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Finally, TikTok users can now upload 3-minute-long video on the platform. Recall that the company began testing this feature back in December when it granted access to a handful of users at the time. Apparently, that test has been conducted successfully as the short-form video platform has now officially rolled out the feature to everyone.

Good! It means you can now post longer videos and have more time to tell your stories to the world. The wider roll lout means users will now be able to join the exclusive list of creators that have been uploading longer videos since December.

“Over the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out the option to create longer videos to everyone on TikTok, giving our global community the flexibility to film, upload, and edit videos up to three minutes in length directly within TikTok. Once ready, you’ll get a notification that longer videos are now part of your creative toolbox,” a TikTok blog post explained.

Long video could be the opportunity some creators want especially as it enables them to add more content that would have been cut in parts.

A recent survey has shown that TikTok is one of the most attractive options for brands. The survey which was carried out by Adweek, showed that the Chinese-owned short video sharing platform is fast “becoming a significant source of sales for brands.”

According to the outcome of the survey, 15 percent of all adults and 36 percent of Gen Z have made purchases based on TikTok. 49 percent pf TikTok users according to the survey have bought a product after seeing it advertised, promoted, or reviewed at least once on the platform.

As social media companies increasingly make their presence felt in the ecommerce sphere, TikTok’s rise could be encourage competition. For the records, TikTok has not been around for a long time compared to Facebook and Instagram; yet brands find it attractive to take their products to the platform.

A couple of months ago, Bloomberg reported that TikTok was planning to add its own in-app shopping feature just like Facebook. The short-form video sharing app owned by ByteDance is already working with brands including streetwear label Hype to test the upcoming feature in Europe. The app is already neck deep with Facebook in terms of features, and the in-app shopping feature could further intensify the existing competition.

TikTok is already working with merchants in markets in the UK on the possibility of selling products directly to millions of users within its app, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

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Author: Ola Ric

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