TikTok Agrees to Pay $92 Million to Settle Privacy Lawsuits

It will compensate TikTok users and assures them that the platform will respect its users’ privacy. 

Tiktok agreed to pay $92 million to settle a lawsuit for illegally collecting TikTok users’ data. This will terminate lengthy disputes over whether it wrongly gathered minors’ data. 

However, the deal has yet to be approved by the judge. 

Bytedance Disagreed

The litigation lasted for over a year. Bytedance, which owns TikTok, stated that it disagreed with the declarations. 

However, it’ll still agree to a settlement so it doesn’t have to go through another litigation. With the settlement, it can focus on building a better experience for the TikTok community. 

 The class-action lawsuits claimed that the short-video app extracted broad private data that include biometric data that TikTok used to track users for ad targeting and profit. 

The settlement will pay TikTok users. It also makes sure that the app will respect its users’ private information going forward. 

Privacy Laws Violation 

The lawsuit cited that TikTok violated privacy laws in California and Illinois. These regulations require tech companies to ask users to collect their data. 

Furthermore, the lawsuit claimed that the app broke several federal laws, like privacy fraud and computer fraud. 

The lawyers who represent TikTok users said that the app collected private identifiable data that could be utilized to identify users without their permission. TikTok even mined videos that were not shared publicly. 

Allegedly, the app was sending these data to its servers in China and other countries where its employees from China could access the data. The app also shared data with other companies, like Facebook and Google. 

The app went to great lengths just to veil its “unlawful” data collection practices. 

Under the terms of the settlement, Tiktok can’t record users’ biometric data. These would include facial characteristics. It will also stop sending its users’ data overseas. And it will not collect data on unpublished videos. 

Ties to China

The former President Donald Trump warned that the app has ties to China. After all, it’s owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company. 

But the app stated that authorities in China can’t access data from its US users because they are controlled by an American team. 

The current US president, however, pulled back from Trump’s crackdown on the said app. Biden, instead, launched a scrutiny of how Americans use Chinese technology. 

The settlement is similar to the deal in which Facebook also paid $650 million just to close disputes over the collection of biometric data of its millions of users. 

Last year was TikTok’s year. It was already popular since 2018. However, it took center stage amidst the trade war between the US and China. 

Despite people knowing that TikTok is unlawfully mining its users’ data, many people are still using it. Analysts believe that users’ data aren’t safer in the hands of a US-based company. 

Under TikTok’s privacy policy statement, the app can collect your data even without signing up. It means that it will still collect your mobile carrier, time zone, IP address, and several others. 

But TikTok isn’t the only social media platform that’s been mining your data. All social media platforms are doing the same thing.

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