TikTok Stories is now accessible to more users

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Image Credit: TechCrunch

TikTok is expanding its test of Stories to more users. The feature is now available to more users after the company had previously confirmed the pilot test. TikTok’s version of Stories is like Instagram’s which only last for 24 hours after which it disappears.

You can view stories by navigating to a user’s profile and clicking his profile picture. Stories can also appear on the For You page. You can see the number of people that viewed your stories, but cannot see who viewed it. TikTok’s version of stories allows you to like and leave a public comment, which is not the case on Instagram.

To post a story according to TechCrunch, click the “post” button on the bottom center navigation bar of the app. You can scroll to a “quick” camera mode that lets you post a photo or a video to your story. TechCrunch reports that the videos have the same creation options as normal TikTok videos, which allows you to reply to comments, use filers and many more. For photos however, the functionality is different—there is no need for a recording timer. It is however, still possible to add music and effects to photos.

“Currently, we’re expanding a pilot test, which provides creators with additional formats to bring their creative ideas to life for the TikTok community,” a TikTok spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch.

TikTok has expanded its video length to 10 minutes. This could make a lot of us begin to ask if the platform still qualifies to be called a short-form video app. 10 minutes is a massive leap from its previous three minutes that was announced last July.

With 10 minutes, the Chinese-owned app is probably trying to compete with YouTube. While this might not be true, there is no doubt that the app opening new possibilities for its users. The latest upgrade is accessible to the app’s global users who now can upload longer videos.

In 2021, a survey showed that TikTok was one of the most attractive options for brands. The survey which was carried out by Adweek, showed that the Chinese-owned short video sharing platform was fast “becoming a significant source of sales for brands.”

According to the outcome of the survey, 15 percent of all adults and 36 percent of Gen Z have made purchases based on TikTok. 49 percent pf TikTok users according to the survey have bought a product after seeing it advertised, promoted, or reviewed at least once on the platform.

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