TikTok shows iOS advertising guide after Apple’s ATT data privacy update

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TikTok and marketing analytics platform Adjust has created31-page guide for ad tracking and analytics with Apple’s tracking restrictions in mind.

And here are a few highlights.

The guide gives you two performance tracking strategies after Apple’s ATT data privacy update. You may get opt-in and continue to track insights. Otherwise, you may opt out and use Apple’s SKAdNetwork process.

SKAdNetwork allows advertisers to gauge campaign data within privacy limits. The guide has notes on the parameters and how to best manage it.

The guide has opt-in tips as well. It shows you how to maximize data access at the app level. This is a good consideration for developers, rather than advertisers.

Then, the guide talks about specific notes for advertisers. It includes steps on how to set up campaigns due to the new tracking process.

The notes lay out the best account setup for your TikTok campaigns after the ATT update.

You will also see data on current opt-in rates by country, and vertical to assist your plans.

The guide gives you handy technical notes. It may be less manageable for smaller marketers and startups. But, these are key points to help you optimize TikTok marketing.

As the holiday season fast approaches, now is the best time to set up TikTok ad campaigns. Think of your return on ad spend for this upcoming season.

We have no easy way to navigate the most recent data tracking changes. But these tips may help you to think on what needs to be done to boost performance.

Download the TikTok and Adjust’s iOS advertising guide here.

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