TikTok shares Content for Gaming Marketers guide

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TikTok has shared an overview of key gaming content movements in its platform. You can use the Content for Gaming Marketers guide to boost messaging to their growing audience.

“Gamers from around the world flock to TikTok to create and enjoy gaming content. In fact, more than half of TikTok users watch gaming-related short video content daily. The immersive, full-screen, sound-on short video format lends itself perfectly to sharing gameplay clips, walkthroughs and tutorials, cosplay and other forms of game fandom,” explains TikTok.

TikTok says its gaming audience follow an average of 12 business accounts.

It advises brands to create an organic business identity to aligns with the trends. And it must connect with their own traits and values.

“Think about the elements of your game that align authentically with TikTok’s culture, and then build upon some of those key components to establish a brand personality that stays consistent across your TikTok content,” adds TikTok.

TikTok says brands must consider their content. They have to add in-game footage, company assets, and more. Then, they can reform them into TikTok trends.

“TikTok is all about shared inspiration. Take a look at the For You page, see what’s working from other videos, and think how you could apply elements to your own content. You can also use the Trend Intelligence tools in our Creative Center to find trending hashtags, creators, sounds, and more. Consider mixing different types of elements: play with sounds, effects, text overlays and tools to fine-tune your storytelling,” says TikTok.

Behind-the-scenes insights are fit for short-form clips, including in-game promotions, it adds.

Gaming is a key driver of modern pop culture.

Youngsters spend more time in digital settings now. It has established more habits that will inform how they connect in professional and recreational capacities.

Read more about TikTok’s full Content for Gaming Marketers guide here.

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