TikTok offers quick tips to boost your video performance


TikTok’s fate in the US is dim. Yet many businesses still prefer to use the app to connect with younger audiences. The platform provides wider reach and exposure for different brands and personalities.

If you want to be successful on TikTok, uploading a short promotional video and letting it fly will not do it.

To gain traction with a viral clip on this social platform, you must know what content users respond to, what content they like, the hashtags and the subjects, among other parameters.

TikTok has released this week five quick tips to help. It blogged an outline of pointers and ideas to straighten out your approach in posting on the platform.

How to make your videos stand out

Vertical videos have been the best performing content on TikTok. And those that last over five seconds as well.

Captions can be as appealing as the content. TikTok advises to use the space in captions to add context to the video.

Creative effects and video tools bring content to life. Creative effects are found at the bottom-left corner on the record video page.

Measuring video performance 

TikTok says its recommended content in the For You feed rely on several factors. None of the engagement metrics is more crucial than another when it comes to video performance.

Take note of top trends and how audiences engage with your content and account. Do not focus on a single metric on each video such as comments and likes.

TikTok says For You recommendations come from videos posted in the last 90 days. And new uploads will peak in engagement soon after publishing.

As long as viewers consider your video interesting, TikTok will extend its recommendation. Keep your video up for a few days to see how its performance will fare.

Times spent on the video factors into its recommendation. TikTok advises you to capture viewer attention early and keep it throughout your content.

Reaching the right audiences

Relevant hashtags in captions will make your videos reach the right audiences. You must add hashtags that best represents the content of your video.

Adding audio to videos makes them stand out and connects your content with the right viewers. Your audiences may use your original sound for their next clip and turn it into the latest vogue. They may also find your content on the Sounds search page while looking for their favorite tunes.

Each video that you post have different standings when it comes to the For You feed for recommendations. They do not impact each other.

You are free to experiment different kinds of video content to see what resonates.

What about #ForYou and #FYP? 

“In reality, hashtags like #FYP, #ForYou, and #ForYouPage work just like all other hashtags on TikTok, so adding these to your caption won’t necessarily improve your chances of getting on someone’s For You feed,” says TikTok on the blogpost.

You might want to tag another creator whose content relates to your content. You may also join the bandwagon on trending hashtags or challenges.

You are a creator

“On TikTok, everybody has the potential to inspire and uplift others, build community and express themselves authentically. Our platform is a space where you’re free to share your ideas, start meaningful conversations, and showcase your creativity,” adds TikTok.

These tips might empower you to create and express your ideas on any platform, not just TikTok. So, use these tips to keep on creating content that, not only increases video performance, but also inspires and calls your audiences to action worldwide.

Author: Francis Rey

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