TikTok Pulse Premiere is a Pulse ads expansion

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TikTok is introducing a new premium ad option, Pulse Premiere. It allows large businesses to optimize ad placement alongside the app’s most popular content.

Advertisers can use Pulse advertising to display their advertisements alongside TikTok clips in the top 4% of performers on any given day in terms of views and interaction.

With this new addition, marketers will have more control over ad placement within the Pulse program.

TikTok’s Pulse Premiere allows brands to choose where to place their ads alongside premium publishing partners in lifestyle, education, sports, and entertainment categories for specific events and ongoing content.

Pulse advertisements with a topical placement component can be beside the generic top 4% of performance. This provides extra value for certain brand partners.

TikTok is expanding its brand partners to include Buzzfeed, Conde Nast, DotDash Meredith, Hearst Magazines, MLS, NBCUniversal, UFC, Vox Media, and WWE.

This could be a useful option for major launches. It will be interesting to see if it opens more monetization opportunities for creators.


TikTok’s expansion will enable more publishers to directly monetize their content on TikTok, while also amplifying existing partnerships.

This will lead to more videos in contention and a bigger payday for creators. It is unclear how much this revenue share element benefits creators.

TikTok is also trying to expand its Pulse offering with two new elements:

  • Pulse Seasonal Lineups: Pulse is a platform that will allow advertisers to promote their upcoming ad options in a certain marketing moment, cultural event, or season to increase brand awareness. They will test Seasonal Lineups with Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, and expand this to additional cultural events and seasons to help sponsors reach consumers.
  • Max Pulse : Pulse is a new buying mechanism that allows advertisers to promote their creativeives alongside TikTok’s trending content. It helps them maximize their reach and reach.

Pulse is a high-end ad option with a price tag to match. It could be a good consideration for major launches relevant to the TikTok audience.

TikTok Pulse is expanding to support more users.

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