TikTok Path to Purchase: Ecommerce Edition [INFOGRAPHIC]

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TikTok has banked itself on ecommerce for years. It has boosted ad activity and opened new doors for creators to earn more from brands.

The Chinese version Douyin is already an ecommerce site that competes with the likes of Alibaba. The platform even has an ecommerce education portal called TikTok Shop: Seller University. And with the holiday season peeking through, TikTok is set to position itself again as a shopping hub.

“The TikTok made me buy it phenomenon has helped products of all kinds fly off the shelves – from leggings and milk frothers to cranberry juice, cleaning products, homewares, and everything in between. TikTok is so notorious for helping brands take off that’s it’s often covered in the news, and some retailers have created #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt sections in their stores, knowing that shoppers are looking to buy things they see on the app,” said TikTok in 2021.

The app’s massive popularity opens new opportunities for marketers. TikTok trends are so viral that they push new shopping behaviors now.

While in-stream commerce has seen big success with its purchasing options in mainland China, adding ecommerce into the mix sets it apart from most of the competition.

The livestreams, shopping displays, direct promotions, and other offerings gives TikTok another way to monetize effectively. In other words, creators can get paid handsomely for their efforts.

TikTok says it considers ecommerce as a key element of its app.

“ecommerce is no longer the future of shopping – it is shopping. In this new landscape, brands must keep up with consumers’ ever-changing online shopping behaviors – and TikTok is at the forefront of this new era.”

On this note, TikTok has published an infographic called Path to Purchase. It has insights into how its users consider in-stream purchases. It also looks at how these trends shape the app’s evolution.

Look and see you might get new insights before the holiday shopping season begins.

TikTok path to purchase

Source: TikTok Path to Purchase

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