TikTok partners with Vimeo and Canva for better content creation

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TikTok has teamed up with Vimeo and Canva to help marketers build better campaign creatives in each app.

The additions will connect the TikTok Ad Manager to each platform. It helps build TikTok creative and upload directly to your campaign.

The options streamlines TikTok scopes and creative flows. It ensures clips feel natural and align with the platform overall. It will be organic, as this is how your marketing approach must be in TikTok.


TikTok advertisers will start building their TikTok ads in Vimeo Create. This subscription-based video builder tool will open more options to modify clips.

Vimeo Create launched February last year to give creators easy video creation options. It caters to SMBs and advertisers with tight budgets.

The app has user-friendly procedures to create engaging video content. It has text and graphic overlays, transitions, free music and more. 

Using a drag-and-drop interface, it can create well-favored, eye-catching creatives.

Vimeo Create also integrates with Pinterest’s ad creation process. It provides direct upload for Pinterest creative in-app.


TikTok has worked with the visual creation platform Canva to offer over 50 TikTok ad templates. It cuts the cost and time needed to build campaigns. 

“Canva’s ad templates, coupled with the Publish End Points tool, will bring ease and simplicity for creators by empowering them to natively publish visually compelling content directly to TikTok to engage with their audiences in a natural and authentic way,” says TikTok.   

tiktok vimeo canva

If you have used Canva before, you will have no problem adjusting. But first-time users will find the controls intuitive and easy to work with.

Vimeo and Canva will be official TikTok Marketing Partners. This adds to the arsenal of TikTok tools to deliver third-party platform expertise and insights. As an advertiser, it gives you more options to maximize your on-platform creatives.

TikTok is growing. And a rising number of marketers have looked for ways to optimize their use of the platform for promotions.

Read more about the new TikTok tools for Vimeo and Canva here.

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