TikTok Music gathers pace as trademark spotted in several countries

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Image Credit: ByteDance

TikTok Music trademark has been spotted in several countries; an indication that a global roll out could be on the card. According to TechCrunch, the global trademark was spotted in countries like the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Recall that a Business Insider report had indicated that TikTok, owned by ByteDance is working on a music product. According to the report, ByteDance filed a TikTok Music trademark in the US, and another in Australia under a similar name.

All the filings spotted in those countries include similar text about TikTok Music’s features of listening to music, creating playlists, commenting on songs and participating in karaoke.

The trademark application says it would allow “users to purchase, play, share, download music, songs, albums, lyrics, quotes, create, recommend, share his/her playlists, lyrics, quotes, take, edit and upload photographs as the cover of playlists, comment on music, songs and albums.”

According to Insider, TikTok music service would let users “purchase, play, share, download music, songs, albums, lyrics… live stream audio and video… edit and upload photographs as the cover of playlists.. [and] comment on music, songs and albums.”

Owning a music service is not entirely new to ByteDance; the Chinese company owns a music streaming app called Resso. Resso is available in India, Brazil and Indonesia, and has some of the features mentioned in the upcoming TikTok music platform.

ByteDance first submitted the trademark application in Australia, and then filed in the US on May 9th. In the description, ByteDance said you could “live stream audio and video interactive media programming in the field of entertainment, fashion, sports, and current events.”

Meanwhile, there has not been an official confirmation of this report, but the multiple trademark spotted in different countries is an update that should give us a clue on what to expect.

TikTok recently announced that users below the age of 18 years could soon have restricted access to livestream on the platform. The company is testing as a new setting that lets users restrict their livestreams to viewers below 18 years of age.

TikTok has already confirmed the test to TechCrunch; and is currently only available to a limited number of users.

A screenshot shared by Watchful.ai, a product intelligence company, show that testers can now navigate to their settings to toggle the “mature themes” button to restrict their LIVE to adults. According to the screenshot, “only viewers 18 and above can see your LIVE” if your turn it on.

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