TikTok is working on a new AI chatbot

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Credit: Social Media Today

Everyone is betting on AI these days; and TikTok has just caught the fever.

According to Semafor, TikTok has applied to trademark the name “Genier” for its coming AI chatbot tool. The new tool, according to the report, would enable users to pose questions in-stream, and get immediate answers.  

According to Semafor, TikTok filed to trademark the same “Genie” for an AI chatbot software that will simulate conversations, facilitate interactions, and communicate between humans and AI, among other things.

In a nutshell, TikTok is planning to make it more of a hub for all its AI functionalities. The chatbot will basically connect users to0 different elements within TikTok.

In other news, TikTok has launched a new initiative to help support beauty creators. The platform is partnering with Estée Lauder on a new program called “The Catalysts,” specifically with the objective of discovering new voices in the sector.

In a statement, TikTok said:

“Launching on Tuesday, June 25th, The Catalysts seeks to unearth the next big names in beauty, shining a spotlight on a new generation of beauty innovators. With TikTok’s help, and a global community of creators invited to apply, the programme will offer mentorship, financial and marketing support, and expert advice on how to build and scale a beauty business.”

The Catalyst is open to TikTok creators 21 and older, who will have the chance to submit ideas and business plans that are centered on skincare, body care, haircare, and fragrance. Creators, according to TikTok, will need to demonstrate capacity for creative storytelling via the app.

Creators are expected to share a TikTok video explaining why they think they should win as well as their vision for Beauty.

“You must share a TikTok video explaining why you should win and Your Vision for Beauty, using the hashtag#JointheCatalysts.” 

Experts in the industry will then decide the entries and choose winners, who will then be rewarded with $25,000 each as well as TikTok ad credits for their projects.

Shortly after sorting its contract renewals with the Universal Music Group, TikTok launched a new musical interview called “Off the Record.”

Off the Record is a new series that will feature top music artists in the world as they dive into the creative process behind their new albums. The new series will also aim to provide fans with an inside look into their world as artists.

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