TikTok is testing a new AI song option

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Credit: Jonah Manzano

TikTok is reportedly testing a new generative AI feature with the ability to generate original music based on text prompts that will go along with your clips.

The new feature is called “AI Song” and is able to create a song for you based on text prompts. The feature is now being tested by a handful of TikTok users and could be available to every user if the experiment is successful.

TikTok’s new AI Song element provides a basic text command process to generate original music within the app.

AI Song is an experimental feature on TikTok that uses AI to create songs based on prompts you enter,” TikTok said.

A new update, which could affect your TikTok plans, was launched a couple of weeks ago. TikTok has removed the ability to search for specific hashtags within its Creative Center tools, reports The New York Times. The new update may not be encouraging to users as it would impact their ability to gain insight into the popularity of some of their tags.

With the tools in the TikTok Creative Center, you can delve deeper into a variety of usage trends that will be extremely helpful for your campaigns and planning. Nevertheless, the New York Times notes that the social media behemoth is taking down the tools due to worries that the information was being used to draw attention to possible platform discrimination.

TikTok explained to NYT that the tool is now more focused on sharing data on the top 100 hashtags within different industries.

In other news, TikTok has released a new content marketing guide for 2024. Along with several tips and notes to help with your campaign strategy, the updated guide covers all the important dates you should be aware of.

In contrast to standard content calendar templates, the guide focuses more on how to maximize individual events.

The guide includes important dates and additional pointers on how to use the app’s various ad tools and functions. You can download the guide for free to find out more about how to navigate the year.

In November, TikTok launched a new fashion brand marketing guide. The updated marketing guide will help you get your TikTok marketing on the right track with audience insights, advice, and case study examples.

When it comes to how fashion brands advertise on TikTok, this recently released guide may be more useful. It has nothing to do with TikTok’s popularity—the strategy is the cause for concern.

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