TikTok is rolling out video scheduling capability: have you spotted it?

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TikTok seems to have added a video-scheduling capability; though this cannot be confirmed as at the time of writing this. However, reliable social media commentator Matt Navarra twitter about the new functionality with a screenshot.

A video-scheduling capability could be a game-changer considering how busy some creators are. Being able to schedule your video to be published at a later date and time is a brilliant addition.

According to a caption in the screenshot, users will be able to schedule a video according to time and date. Once you have set or schedule a time and date, the video will be auto-published even while you are offline.

The video-scheduling capability will only work on TikTok desktop for now, with no word on when it will become available on mobile. You will along with other settings choose who sees your video.

Have you spotted the new video-scheduling feature yet? Please feel free to share your first impression of the capability and how you think this will be of use to creators.

In January, TikTok created a new online portal for creators—a one-stop shop where they can get educational resources. The portal gives creators opportunities to access content based on six different categories. In other words, the TikTok Creator Portal is an online platform where people can learn.

In 2020, TikTok launched a $70 million fund for creators in Europe. Before then, creators in the US were first to benefit from a $200 million fund set up by the app. For the first time, those in the EU will have access to a $70 million fund. TikTok’s vision seems clear—the app wants to tighten its grip on existing talent as well as attract new ones. So, whether you are a part-time creator or a full-time; TikTok wants to “help support ambitious creators,” per the BBC.

There are conditions though; and to be qualified to access the fund, you must be 18 years and above, have a certain number of followers and be posting original content according to TikTok rules. Funds will be made available to creators in the coming year; though the company did not explain how the cash will be given.

The UK has a long history of creativity and that’s why TikTok has really thrived here,” says Rich Waterworth, the UK managing director of TikTok, per the BBC. “Everyone has very different circumstances so we’re hoping this funding will be able to support creators in a whole variety of ways – from supplementing their income or turning into a full-time job.”

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