TikTok is offering cash bonuses to top TikTok Shop merchants in UK

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TikTok is quietly offering cash bonuses to top TikTok Shop merchants in the UK. The company is offering as much as £10,000 [$13,300] to top Shop merchants in a bid to boost Live Shopping activities on its platform.

It was first reported that TikTok was planning to launch its own shopping feature back in May. Since then, the company has made significant impact, and hopes to continue by encouraging more brands.

Bloomberg had reported back in May that TikTok was already working with merchants in markets in the UK. The plan is to explore the possibility of selling products directly to millions of users within its app, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg at the time.

Everyone wants a piece of the cake when it comes to e-commerce, and TikTok could be the latest to venture into a field that offers so much merchants and buyers. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are far ahead in terms of connecting buyers and sellers, but TikTok could offer an even bigger opportunity to users.

TikTok said top 13 merchants in the UK will be rewarded with cash bonuses up to £10,000. Invitations are being sent out to merchants, which is an indication that not all merchants will be involved. However, social media commentator Matt Navarra posted an invite that includes details of what to expect from merchants.

TikTok said only merchants “who are onboard in November and December 2021” can sign up. What this means is that the offer is not open to merchants who are onboard before November 2021.

In other news, TikTok is testing a new Business Registration option. This test further confirms the company’s push into ecommerce. The Business Registration feature will allow brands to list their business category on their profile.

A screenshot showing the new feature was shared by social media commentator Matt Navarra on his Twitter page. In the screenshot, some TikTok business profile managers can now access the new business registration option in their Business Suite settings

The new business registration feature is different from a verification badge. It provides an extra layer of assurance about your business identity. Registering your business through this new process enables you to display your business category on your TikTok profile. This also gives TikTok another opportunity to gather data about business owners. The process of registration requires businesses to provide various company details.

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