TikTok is building new DM streaks to encourage engagements

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TikTok is reportedly building new DM streaks to encourage more engagements on its platform. The streaks are activated when users maintain a daily messaging interaction.

According to a screenshot posted by app researcher, Radu Oncescu, TikTok is now alerting some users that they have activated a DM streak in the app. A fire emoji and a streak count have also been placed next to your chat.

Unlock a streak by sending messages to each other for three consecutive days. The streak will end if both of you didn’t message each other in the last 24 hours.”

Is this rolling out soon? Only TikTok can confirm that. We may have to wait to find out if the feature makes it to a global rollout in the next couple of weeks or maybe months.

In other news, TikTok has launched a new dashboard where creators will have access to manage their entire presence on the platform. Creators will be able to manage their video uploads, edit their content, and perform analytics on their posts.

The new management platform is called TikTok Studio and will afford creators the chance to manage their presence on desktop.

TikTok is also testing 60-minute-long video uploads. Apparently, TikTok believes some of its users will be interested in watching videos that last up to 60 minutes on its platform, and that might just be the reason behind this latest test.

As posted by social media commentator Matt Navarra, TikTok is testing longer videos.

TikTok has consistently increased its video length in the last couple of years from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and now 60 minutes (not confirmed yet).

Given that TikTok will be able to share any earnings with content creators, this might potentially result in increased income for them.

Providing a method for users to stay captivated for extended periods of time could be a wonderful approach for TikTok to begin fulfilling its ambition of being the next big thing in online entertainment.

TikTok is also reportedly testing a new collaboration feature within the app.

According to a screenshot shared by Radu Onescu, the new feature will enable you to tag collaborators on a post, which will then link their profiles to your post.

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