TikTok increases caption count to 300 characters

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TikTok has increased the caption count to 300 characters. This is great news for creators who sometimes lack enough characters to describe their content. Creators on the platform will now have more characters to play around with when captioning their content.

TikTok says the decision to increase the caption limit was important to help it understand what creators’ content is all about. With this, TikTok will be able to show your content to the right people.

Prior to this increase, creators were limited to just 100 characters. This did not work well with some creators who had to leave out some key parts of their content. Things, however, will be different with the new update.

A feature that lets you read or listen to content was added by TikTok in September. The feature is called auto captions, and will make content on the platform more accessible to every user.

Auto captions works by generating subtitles, which allows you to read or listen to content. As a creator, when you make a new video, you can tap the autocaptions icon to automatically transcribe your speech into captions. Once you publish the video, captions will then appear. You will also be able to edit the text of your captions once they have been generated.

As a viewer, you can turn off the caption by opening the share panel, taping the caption button, and setting it off. TikTok’s auto captions feature is currently only available in English.

A couple of weeks ago, TikTok added a new mute option for live broadcasters. The new option will allow creators to mute comments from individual viewers within streams. The company is planning to evolve the use of its livestreaming product into eCommerce.

TikTok, like so many other social media platforms want to go big when it comes to eCommerce. The mute option will enable host to have the option to mute specific viewers for a period of the broadcast. You can also mute specific users for the entire period of the stream.

The real deal is the capacity to remove all previous comments of the users. This could help to manage livestream interaction, and reduce distractions flooding the stream.

TikTok is an attractive option for creators because of the number of features being added from time to time. It is no wonder the app recently recorded an important milestone—recording more than 1 billion monthly active users.

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Author: Ola Ric

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