TikTok Culture Drivers List reveals the top brand-creator partnerships in 2021

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TikTok has released a new list of its top brand-creator partnerships of the year. The reveal happened through a new showcase called Culture Drivers List.

tiktok culture drivers list 2021

You may know a face or two in the photo above.

“No platform has impacted culture more than TikTok in 2021, whose hyper-aware and engaged community skyrocketed to more than 1 billion users globally, providing brands with an unmatched opportunity. From Clinique’s #zithappens campaign (9.6B views) featuring creator Jasmine Sullivan to the #JifRapChallenge (6.9B views) featuring creator Chakira Clark, the list proves that with the right creative spark and collaboration, any brand – regardless of industry – is capable of creating a cultural phenomenon on TikTok,” explains TikTok.

The Culture Drivers site has a summary of its featured creators and their respective marketing partners. It even has an A to Z of TikTok trends.

Each letter of the alphabet has a dedicated 10-second clip. Each video highlights a key factor that drives engagement in the app. Not the best source of insights. But the overall list offers a few good pointers on how to align your content strategy. You can devise a more effective marketing strategy for TikTok using this list.

The site lists the top creators with light-hearted categories:

tiktok culture drivers list 2021

If you tap any of these, it will show a profile of each brand-creator partnership. And it comes with a link to the relevant clips. This gives you more insight on the specifics of each promotion. Then, you can study how the creators used their magic.  This will give you an idea on how to further refine your own promotional strategy.

You will see a few interesting insights here. If you want to jumpstart your TikTok marketing efforts, the list is worth the look. See how businesses found success through their TikTok linkup campaigns.

Check out the new TikTok Culture Drivers List site here.

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