TikTok ads more memorable than on other platforms

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TikTok has released a new study suggesting that TikTok ads have more retention than those on other platforms. The report even includes TV campaigns, as emotional response extent shows how TikTok ads tend to drive purchases from key triggers.

Conducted by neuro-analytics firm Neuro-Insight, the study focused on neuro research with 57 in-lab respondents aged 18-35 years old.

The results show how effectively TikTok clips cause responses to brand content.


The researchers examined emotional valence. It determines how likeable is the content of the video ad. The element shows in the Approach vector below.

tiktok ads response rates

TikTok promotions have driven higher responses than common social platform campaigns.


The secondary vector, ‘Engagement’, relates to personal relevance of the content, which has the highest correlation to memory.

“This determines whether someone is going to act on the information in the future (e.g. buy a product in store),” says TikTok.

The immersive setting of TikTok clips may have a key role on this. The content has driven stronger mental response from brain activity.

This is shown in the second element of the study by finding engagement rate per minute.

tiktok ads response rates

“Our algorithm and shorter video formats create continuous cycles of engagement, making TikTok the leading platform for Information Density. This further suggests that the TikTok audience is fully leaned in and immersed compared to other platforms,” says TikTok.

The full-screen presentation has driven in-depth responses for TikTok. This fuels the algorithm matching. With this, it has an advantage over other platforms.

For instance, you may have 10 different Facebook posts, options and ads displayed on screen at any time. This makes it hard for the social network to know conclusively.

For TikTok, the content shown is all that you can see. Any engagement links to that clip. It helps the system to better determine your interests and show recommendations.

Average Detail Memory

The final element compares how memorable TikTok clips are versus TV ads.

tiktok ads response rates

“When compared to other video-based media, like TV, digital video, and radio, TikTok outperformed the competition on multiple levels. For example, TikTok In-Feed Ads achieve 23% higher detail memory than TV ads, while TikTok TopView ads outperformed TV by 40%,” says TikTok.

TV ads have the same full-screen, immersive factor. But these do not have the personalized targeting of TikTok. TikTok users focus on the app and effectively drives better response rates.

You can read the full TikTok audience engagement study here

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Author: Francis Rey

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