TikTok adds Passkeys login option for improved security

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Passkeys have come to stay; and it is music to our ears. Hopefully it can get improved upon as more tech and social media companies embrace the tool. TikTok has reportedly added passkeys login option for its users.

A new screenshot posted by Twitter user Ahmed Ghanem confirms the arrival of this feature; though TikTok has not officially confirmed this. That said, it is a positive development as it helps to add an extra layer of security to your TikTok account.

According to the screenshot, you can log into your TikTok account using Apple Touch or Face ID instead of entering a password. Passkeys are automatically generated with iCloud Keychain. 

Using Passkeys is not only safe and secure, it offers you easy access to your account. It means you do not have to worry about memorizing passwords. You can securely log in from any device sync to your iCloud account.

Google and other major players have also embraced passkeys as a secure form of helping users log into the accounts. While no login method is without its weakness, passkeys seem to offer some comfort in a world where threat to privacy continues to be a big issue.

In october, PayPal launched a passkey support for Apple device users in the US. According to the payment giant, PayPal account users on iPhone, iPad and Mac will be able to sign in without using a password.

The passkey functionality is expected to be available on Android in due course, according to PayPal. Earlier in the month, Google had released passkey support for Android and Chrome, and is already gearing up to release the stable version, including an API for native Android apps before the year runs out.

Passkey uses your biometrics to log you into your account; however, it is different from using your face or fingerprints to automatically populate your username and password boxes.

Password makes you “the login;” upon activation, it creates a cryptographic key pair linked with your account.

One of those keys is public, which is used by apps and services to confirm your identity during log in. The other key is not only private, but is stored on your devices, which makes it difficult for hackers to steal or have access to it. To make sure you are the one trying to log in, apps and websites that support passkeys match the public key with the one stored on your device.

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Author: Ola Ric

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