Three Winning Strategies for Social Media Marketing

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social media marketing strategy

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Business owners dig deep into social media to gain more traffic, high engagement rates and conversions. They continually search for answers on how to build, protect and preserve their brand.

The postman will not deliver an effective marketing strategy straight into the mailbox. So, as a business owner who has other things to work on, you will want an easier way to manage your social channels.

Here are three winning strategies to improve brand image on social media.

1. Deliver real, valuable content.

Your social media pages have to embody the interests of your target audience. It may be thru rich, motivational images to keep them engaged with your brand.

Keeping your social accounts clean and orderly will draw more people to your pages. People want an orderly space filled with valuable content. They will stay and read well-organized pages since page formatting is the first thing they notice. Then, they will start scanning the content.

The 80-20 rule still applies. It means you have to share content that helps, amuses or motivates your audience four out of five times. All these posts have no relation to your brand and focuses on the customers.

To have a better grasp on your target audience, try using Facebook Audience Insights. It narrows down your search using common interests with potential customers. It also suggests other brand pages in your industry that have the most effective content marketing strategies.

Learn from them.

2. Do not rely on automation and robots.

Several apps and programs automate some social media marketing processes, including analytics, messaging and updates. These programs have key roles in digital marketing.

While these tools ease tasks, avoid sounding robotic in your posts. Be personal on your social channels. “Social” is about talking and connecting to people on a personal level.

Auto-posts may keep you visible and relevant, but these do not answer specific questions in real time. Sometimes these tools can even send odd or negative replies, or aggravate issues.

People want to talk and engage with your brand. They want the rawness and sincerity in your tone, and not thru a cryptic machine-based language.

No tool can automate personality. While using some of these robots is tech savvy, control it and stick to using posting messages with your personal touch.

3. Gauge engagement rate.

You can best measure success in social media marketing thru engagement rate.

Analytics stats provide insights on how you can build and improve your business. It helps you gauge how high your brand’s social engagement is on a certain social channel.

Check how many people like, share or comment on your posts. Take note of the key players and who are always present when you share content.

A KISSmetrics article shows how you can measure engagement every step of the way. It includes awareness, drive traffic, the search for people with common interests and brand voice.

No two social networks are equal. You need a good grasp of your chosen social platform to measure engagement success. User behaviors on each platform differ. You have to understand their behavior so you can provide the best possible content.


While there are several strategies you can try, the three above are crucial for a successful social media marketing campaign. Always protect your brand’s image and interact with your audience to learn from them. You will reap outstanding results and ROI if you invest most of your resources into your target audience.

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Author: Francis Rey

Francis is a voracious reader and prolific writer. He has been writing about social media and technology for more than 10 years. During off hours, he relishes moments with his wife and daughter.

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