Threads to launch a desktop version

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Threads is coming to the desktop, and that is some big news for a lot of users. The information about the web version of Threads was made known by CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the weekend.

Mark saidSearch and web are coming in the next few weeks,” he tweeted, saying he’s “excited about the team’s pace of shipping.”

A couple of weeks ago, Threads welcomed a “Following Tab” feature, which was one of those features that was in very high demand before it was introduced. 

Threads is starting to look like the app we all wanted. Threads started off at launch almost empty—a lot of the regular features you would expect a Twitter competitor to have were lacking.

Now, things appear to be changing for the better; a new “Following” tab feature is rolling out to users. This is one feature Twitter is trying to kill off, much to the dislike of its users.

With the new Following tab, your feed now looks different. You will now see updates and posts from people you follow on the app. This looks good, and you do not have to read posts from people you do not know on the app.

The new Following tab is now rolling out to both iOS and Android users, and it could herald the launch of several other useful features. To access it, simply tap on the home button in the bottom menu of the app. The tab switcher will then appear, from where you can tap on Following to see posts from only those you follow.

Unlike Twitter, Threads allows users to post up to 500 characters and boasts similar features as the former. 

While Threads may have enjoyed a massive and unprecedented start, it is important to stress the fact that there is still a long way to go to catch up with Twitter. Of course, Twitter has its many faults, and a few changes here and there could calm some nerves out there.

In other news, people in Europe interested in signing up for Meta’s new Threads app may have to wait a little longer. While millions of people in 100 countries can already access Threads, those in Europe are restricted for privacy reasons.

Meta has confirmed that Threads will not work in Europe for those using a virtual private network (VPN) to sign up. According to social media expert Matt Navarra, content, notifications, and profiles will not load properly. 

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Author: Ola Ric

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