Threads now supports posting via desktop

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Threads is not just expanding in terms of users; the platform is also improving in the areas of new features and upgrades being offered. The platform has announced that users can now post using its desktop version.

The platform is also adding native GIF search, to make it easier for everyone to find the right GIF.

When you log in to Threads, a short message informing you of the ability to “start a new thread or reply, and then tap the GIF icon to search for and pick the perfect one” will be displayed.

To use this new GIF search feature, simply tap on the GIF icon in the composer on the web.

While this is not a major addition, the fact that you can now search for GIFs makes it very exciting when composing a post on Threads.

Threads has either launched or announced some upcoming features lately, and the latest one is a live score feature for sports. Starting with the NBA, Threads will start showing live scores to millions of users on its platform.

The latest update was announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who also wrote that Threads will be adding more leagues in the near future.

During a game, you can search for the teams, and you will see an up-to-date score. If the game is over, a search will bring up the final score. You can also find out when a game is coming up by searching for it ahead of time.

Each score will be followed by the logos of both teams, and when you tap on these, you will be directed to a conversation about the team.

Threads finally launched trending topics for US users a couple of days ago.

The recently introduced trending topics feature on Threads will be displayed in two locations: a “Trending Now” module that is featured in the main “For You” feed, and a ranked list of the most talked-about subjects in the Search section.

Threads is also testing a new feature that will enable you to swipe right or left to like a post. This will pretty much help you indicate whether you like a particular piece of content or not.

It is a significant feature that will take Threads to a new level in terms of maximizing engagements on the platform.

The swipeable feature will work as a feedback tool for users, who will now be able to share their feelings about particular content. This will help to boost engagement on the platform.

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Author: Ola Ric

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