Threads is working on Trending Topics

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Threads is testing trending topic listings, though the rollout does not seem urgent at the moment.

In a short exchange on Threads, Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri said:

My honest take is that requested features like lists, an edit button, a following feed, trending, and hashtags are all good to build, but none noticeably grow Threads or Threads usage. We’ll continue to build them because it’s good to build features that your most engaged users are excited about, but it’s hard to prioritize them when the measurable impact is negligible.”

Trending topics on Threads will be a massive addition, especially when you look at how X has been able to leverage it to stay relevant for years. X, despite its many challenges and criticisms, remains one of the most reliable places for breaking and trending news online.

The fact that many users are now requesting that a similar element be added to Threads, shows how important it is. While Mosseri does not agree that trending topics could help grow Threads, he did not deny the fact that the feature is needed to keep users engaged.

Threads continues to pile up the pressure on X. A couple of weeks ago, the app launched a new search feature that allows you to filter search results chronologically.

This goes contrary to an earlier statement by the social media company that it would not allow users to filter their search results chronologically. In the latest version of Threads, you can now filter your search results by “Latest” if you choose to.

The ability to view your Threads search results in chronological order is now available to you. This will assist you in monitoring current conversations and patterns on the platform.

In other news, Threads is working to find a solution for all those poor-quality posts that the app keeps recommending to users. Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, claims that the Threads team is already working to resolve the issue.

In recent times, users have been complaining about seeing content that is of little or no interest to them. This has been on for a while now, and it seems a solution is on its way.

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Author: Ola Ric

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