Threads is testing TweetDeck-like feeds

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Meta is testing pinned columns on Threads for the web, according to founder Mark Zuckerberg.

In a recent Threads post, Zuckerberg posted a screenshot of the upcoming feature, which is like TweetDeck. The feature will allow users to track multiple topics, searches, and accounts in a single view.

The test is only available to a handful of Threads users who will have the chance to set up “pinned columns” that will track updates around specific topics, tags, accounts, or search terms.

You can also choose to have the columns automatically refreshed with new content. Threads, according to Engadget, will only support up to 100 different columns for now. This number, however, may change as the test progresses, a Meta spokesperson said, per Engadget.

A couple of days ago, Threads started allowing users to have access to the number of people who have viewed their posts. This will help users have a broader view of the effectiveness of their posts.

If you are a Threads user, you will now be able to view how many times your posts have been viewed in the app. A new count display is now sitting at the top of the expanded display when you tap on an individual thread.

According to Instagram and Threads chief Adam Mosseri, the new feature adds important contextual information to help users understand their threads.

It’s important that people understand how their Threads posts perform, so we’re rolling out the ability to tap anywhere on a post to display its total view count. We’ve got more work to do, but I think this is a great first step in giving creators the some of the data they’ve been asking for.”

In other news, Threads is giving you more control over who can quote your posts. You now have the option to allow only people you follow to quote you before a post goes live.

You can set the new feature to not allow anyone to quote your posts. This new update was announced by Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri over the weekend. According to Mosseri, the update will “help keep Threads a more positive place.” Threads tested the feature among a group of its users in April, but it is now rolling out to everyone.

Meta’s Threads now has more than 150 million monthly users, according to Mark Zuckerberg. This represents a 20 million increase since February, when the last update was given.

Meta founder, Mark Zuckerberg announced this during the company’s first-quarter earnings call, adding that the app “continues to be on the trajectory that I hope to see.”

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