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As Meta continues to build its X clone, a new feature that will allow you to tag topics on Threads is now being tested in Australia.

Threads is testing hashtags, which will enable users to tag topics on the network, Mark Zuckerberg revealed. The Meta CEO claims that, as a result, Threads will be able to classify posts based on topics or interests. Although the # symbol can be used to access the tags feature, the # symbol is not displayed when the tags are displayed. Rather, the tags will appear as clickable blue links.

Although this is merely a test, Zuckerberg has assured TechCrunch that more nations will be added “soon.”

Using Threads’ new tags is as simple as tapping a new # button in the app or typing the symbol on your keyboard, then text. Several tags will show up as you type to assist with autocompletion, or you can start a new tag from scratch.

Once you select the tag and publish your post, anyone can click on the tag to view more related posts about the same subject. After dropping the symbol as the prefix, tags on Threads function exactly like they do on X, albeit a little more elegantly.

In an apparent attempt to combat spam on the site, Threads will only permit one tag on a post at a time. Twitter made a grave error when it permitted multiple tags in a single post. This allows spammers to cram a post full of trending tags in an attempt to rank highly in search results.

A couple of months ago, Meta added the ability to tag Instagram users who do not yet have a Threads account. Anuj Ahooja, a user on X, reports that you can now tag an Instagram user who has not yet created a Threads account.

If they subsequently activate their Threads account, you will, of course, receive all of their updates. When that occurs, other users will be able to follow that user in advance. This allows you to keep in touch with interesting users who might be too busy to register for or manage a Threads account.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, announced the availability of the edit button and voice notes on his Threads page. This is one of the most frequently requested Threads features that Meta recently added.

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