Threads is now overtaking X in new installs

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Credit: TechCrunch

A recent Apptopia report claims that Threads is currently outperforming X in terms of download volume. According to the report, Threads’s installs have been on the increase since November 23. Compared to 350,000 daily downloads in early November, the app is now recording 620,000 every day.

Apptopia attributes Threads’ recent surge to Meta running ads for its X clone app, but it is still important to stress the fact that the app has attracted a lot of users based on recent updates.

A further breakdown of the stats shows that while X saw 27 million new downloads in September, Threads recorded 41 million. The stats also include downloads of X’s app for emerging markets, Twitter Lite, which continues to retain its old brand name, Twitter.

Threads is gaining more users from outside the US, according to Apptopia, with India accounting for 11.2 percent, or 9.2 million, of the new downloads. The US, however, comes in second with 7.4 percent of downloads, or 6.1 million.

Credit: Apptopia

As per the Wall Street Journal, Threads intends to expand its reach into Europe. When Threads was first introduced in July, it was only accessible in the majority of markets—aside from the European Union—largely because of the strictest online service regulations in the world.

Sources close to the situation told the WSJ that Threads will be largely used for consumption by those without profiles that permit them to create their own posts in order to comply with the regulations.

Threads will not function in Europe for users who sign up with a virtual private network (VPN), as Meta confirmed in a statement in July. Content, notifications, and profiles will not load correctly, claims social media expert Matt Navarra.

In a statement, Meta said that it is implementing “further measures” to keep users from accessing Threads in European nations where the app is not yet accessible.

Despite the restriction, Meta still sees Europe as a “very important” market and hopes Threads will be accessible to users on the continent in the future.

Even though Threads is off to an enormous and historic start, it is crucial to emphasize that it is still a long way from catching up to Twitter. Of course, there are a lot of issues with Twitter, and a few tweaks here and there might ease people’s concerns.

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