Thread’s Fediverse sharing feature expands to more regions

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Threads is expanding its Fediverse feature to users in more than 100 regions. With this, users in more regions will be able to cross-post between Threads and other decentralized social platforms including Mastodon and WordPress that utilize ActivityPub protocols.

Users on those platforms will be able to follow, like, and reply to Threads post; and this will be possible without having to log in or via Threads. This will provide more options for reach and engagement stemming from the Threads experience.

Meta, in a statement said:

“People 18 and over with public Threads profiles in 100+ countries can turn on sharing to the fediverse. If you turn on sharing to the fediverse, people on other fediverse servers will be able to search for and follow your Threads profile, see and interact with your content, and share your content with anyone on or off their server.” 

For now, Threads will display replies to your posts from federated servers, but users will not be able to reply to them just yet.

Barely two months after rolling out a live score feature, Threads has updated it with live MLB scores. This will ensure that MLB fans all over the world are able to join the conversation as matches are played.

This latest update could be a big one for Threads, especially when it comes to user engagement on the platform. Sports, the MLB, is a major sport in the US, and adding the ability to help users follow live scores on the platform is a welcome one.

During a game, you can search for the teams, and you will see an up-to-date score. If the game is over, a search will bring up the final score. You can also find out when a game is coming up by searching for it ahead of time.

Each score will be followed by the logos of both teams, and when you tap on these, you will be directed to a conversation about the team.

Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg had promised that more sports will be added in the future; and the MLB live score is one of many to come.

Going forward, when you search for an MLB team by name, Threads will display the latest scores from their games at the top of the search listing.

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Author: Ola Ric

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