Threads coming soon with a search-through feature

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Threads is working on a way to search through posts using keywords, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg

The upcoming search feature will let you search for specific keywords. When you press the search button, this will expand your search to all the posts containing the specific keyword you have entered.  

The Keyword search feature is not available in the US as of this moment. Instagram spokesperson Christine Pai tells The Verge that Threads is testing keyword searches in Australia and New Zealand, with the expansion to more English-speaking countries coming soon. 

We are actively listening to the community’s feedback and working on more features to improve the search experience,” Pai says.

Meta has finally launched the web version of its X clone, Threads! is now live and accessible to users, probably in same number of countries and regions where the app is available. is pretty dry at the moment, but boasts of the “Following” and “For You” switch tabs, where you can switch as often as you wish.

Dark Theme

The default appearance theme is light, but you can switch to the popular dark theme. This does not sound like a big deal, but it is nice to have the option to switch to a theme that does not leave a strain on your sight.

Meta still has a lot of work to do if it is going to ever catch up with X. A couple of features are being tested, and they might just be what Threads needs to keep hold of its users and also attract new ones.

Talking about upcoming features, Threads is reportedly testing a new voice note element.

These days, millions of users use voice notes, and it is a pretty smart decision to want to add them to Threads. Threads could do with some of these features that have worked on rival apps.

Once launched, users will be able to attach voice clips, in addition to images and videos, to enhance their posts.

Threads has added a new “Send on Instagram” option that allows you to share Thread in your Instagram DMs. 

The idea is to keep users engaged on Threads and leverage the popularity of its sister app, Instagram. 

Custom alt-text

Threads is also rolling out custom alt-text, which allows you to add descriptions to photos or edit auto-generated alt-text tags before posting them.

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