Things You Should Know About HTC Vive Pre Virtual Reality System

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HTC has a new Vive Pre virtual reality system. It was presented during the CES 2016. Unfortunately, it’s only for developers. All of its 7,000 new products are geared towards game makers and creatives.

Things You Should Know About HTC Vive Pre Virtual Reality System

Things You Should Know About HTC Vive Pre Virtual Reality System

As regards to pricing, the company didn’t announce it yet. It also didn’t make a report on the release date of its Vive Consumer Edition, which was delayed until April of this year. The enhancement found on the HTC Pre will be in the consumer edition.

What features to look forward to on HTC Pre?

Its headset has crisper screens. The HTC Pre also comes with Mura correction making all objects feel like they’re actually in front of you, thereby, adding a presence value.

Compared with the Vive design, the headset will be more comfortable as it’s smaller. Its foam and nose gaskets are interchangeable making it easier to adjust the headset according to the user’s face. It can also be adjusted easily even if you’re wearing eyeglasses.

Another feature to look forward to is the front-facing camera. The camera offers a mixed reality experience by covering real-world items. This will ensure that you don’t walk into things while you’re playing games.

When you set up the system, you can customise the safety feature of the camera according to the dimensions of the play space. It’s also designed to let you navigate through a real-world room while you explore the virtual worlds. The old grid system would interrupt a VR experience by alerting user that there’s a wall or other objects nearby.

The safety feature of the camera can be turned on by pressing a single button. This makes it easier for you to see and communicate with your friends in the room. It also lets you find a chair that you can sit down while enjoying the VR experience.

HTC Vive Pre is completely accessible to developers to give them the opportunity to iterate anything so the gadget can go beyond what it’s designed for.

The system will be shipped with two wireless hand controllers. Each one has been redesigned to have a more ergonomic look and feel. It comes with textured buttons and a side grip pad. In order to have smoother interactions with objects, Vive Pre has a dual-stage trigger. Plus, it has haptic feedback for a complete immersion.

The batteries of the controllers are rechargeable lithium polymer that can last four hours. With this latest VR system, you don’t have to worry about moving around as it’s designed to offer you the best virtual reality experience and you’re not limited to seated or rotational VR experience.

As regards to games, HTC Vive Pre will have thousands of games that are still being developed. At CES, several games will be displayed including the Arizona Sunshine and John Wick.

The company will focus on the new hardware during the CES. In late January, however, it will offer a content-focused event that displays new games and content for entertainment. HTC and Valve created the SteamVR operating system of the Vive. These companies are all based in Seattle.

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