Things That Might Be Damaging Your Smartphone

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Things That Might Be Damaging Your Smartphone

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You don’t have to drop your smartphone down a staircase to wreck it. There are lots of little things that can do some serious damage to your smartphone. If you want to save yourself the emergency repair costs, you should read ahead to find out what those little things are.

Thinking It’s Waterproof

It’s important that you remember that having a water-resistant phone is not the same as having a waterproof phone. You can still cause water damage if you’re not careful.

Over time, those water-resistant features will wear down, and your device will be more vulnerable to accidental spills and splashes. So, it’s best to be cautious around water. Wipe off any water droplets from the screen. Don’t take your phone out in the rain. And never, ever dunk it underwater.

Skipping Updates

Do you ignore your system updates? That’s a bad idea. You should look in your phone’s Settings right now to check whether the latest system is running. If it’s not, you need to install it ASAP.

Why is that? System updates patch up glitches and vulnerabilities in your phone, which can protect it from viruses and other forms of malware. Updates can also improve its performance. And a phone that performs better will run faster and last longer.

Letting It Get Too Hot

Your smartphone will not work well in high temperatures. You might find that it doesn’t charge as quickly, the performance slows down, and the display turns off at the wrong time. And if you leave it in the heat for too long, you could permanently damage the battery.

Be careful not to overuse it on hot, humid days. Try to keep it cool and away from the sunshine.

Here are some other things that could overheat it:

  • Resting it on car dashboards and windowsills
  • Putting it inside pants’ pockets for long periods
  • Leaving it underneath pillows when you sleep

Letting It Get Too Cold

Your smartphone doesn’t like the cold either. The cold can drain your battery life and permanently damage your device. Try your best to keep your smartphone at a moderate temperature.

And it goes without saying, but never stick your smartphone in a freezer or refrigerator! It’s not a good trick to stop it from overheating. This “solution” could destroy it.

Draining the Battery

There are lots of phone battery myths out there, and most of them are exaggerated or untrue. But there is one popular myth that has a lot of truth to it: draining your battery to zero before charging it up again is a bad habit. It wears out the lithium-ion battery faster.

What to Do About Emergency Repairs

It’s always smart to prepare for the worst. Set aside some emergency savings just in case you need to fix your smartphone at a moment’s notice. This could help cover the costs — especially if you’re out of warranty. If you don’t have enough savings, you could go to the website and apply for a line of credit. A line of credit could help you cover the emergency expense in a hurry when you don’t have the funds on hand. You could pay for the repairs and then manage the repayments later on.

Lots of phone companies offer extended warranty plans to reduce the repair costs long after your original warranty expires. If that takes some stress off your shoulders, you should look into that option, too.

Taking good care of your phone is the best way to keep it safe — and, of course, avoid the costs of emergency repairs.

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